Biocentrism scientifically proves that death does not exist!

In the current era, perhaps the most fascinating unsolved scientific mystery is the game of life itself, the mystery in which it begins and ends. Do we really know where we’re coming from and where we’re going? Why are we so afraid of death?

Maybe it’s because our greatest fear is that we can’t imagine our non-existence. The vast majority of people believe that after the death of the fizc body, they will disappear without a trace, and they will only be… nothingness, and this fear of the unknown is unimaginable. However, death is one of the few topics explored by science today, even if it is a subject of utmost relevance to all of us.

But what if death is something entirely different than we have been taught to believe so far? What if death is not the end of a life, but the beginning of a new existence? What if what appears to be death from a certain perspective, in reality is a new, higher form of life?

It seems that the same conclusion was reached by Dr. Robert Lanza, scientific director at “Advanced Cell Technology” and professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Wake Forest University in the United States. He offered a new approach to the phenomena that occur at the moment of death, from the perspective of quantum physics, developing a new scientific theory called biocentrism.

According to his studies and observations, there is an infinite number of universes, in which there are infinite variants of possibilities. “Death does not exist in these scenarios, in a real way. All possible universes exist simultaneously, regardless of what happens in one of them. Although bodies are destined to self-destruct, the feeling of being alive, the awareness of “who I am?.. it is nothing more than a 20-watt energy source that works in the brain. But this energy does not disappear at death,” explained Dr. Robert Lanza.

He also explains that regardless of the choices made by the one who observes an action, the one who performs it will experience its effects, and the connections between the events in which the observed subjects are involved and the universes go beyond our classical concepts of time and space. Here we could see the connection with the concept of karma, from oriental philosophy, or the principle of action and reaction, in which any action is subject to cause and effect. Why isn’t this concept obvious to all of us? The philosophical explanation would be,,because we forget”.

Sometimes the effect of past actions is manifested at a later moment in the same life, other times it is updated only in a future life, when conditions are favorable. Even when it manifests itself in the current life, we have already forgotten that action, so we could say that we lack the overview of this mechanism so fine, which bears the name of ,,karma”. In order to reach a certain understanding of this fact, a deep spiritual depth is needed, and this cannot be achieved without a discipline and without a sustained spiritual effort.

Among those who have dealt with this fascinating area of life after death, we can also mention Dr Robert Monroe, who became famous through his research on the altered states of consciousness. He is the first to introduce the term OBE – “out-of-body experience” that is, extracorporeal state or astral projection.

Monroe came to be known worldwide as an explorer of human consciousness, his research starting in the 1950s. These experiences were embedded in a book, now a reference “Journeys outside the body”, where we find accounts of his experiences outside the body – lived in states beyond space, time and death. They have attracted the attention of researchers from the academic world, doctors, engineers or other specialists who work together with Monroe have managed to develop a new audio guidance technology, very easy to use, known as hemispherical synchronization or Hemi Sync©. In 1974, the group of researchers became the Monroe Institute, and a year later, he obtained the first of three patents for the Hemi Sync© method, which can alter the state of the brain with the help of sound.

Another famous name in the world of spirituality but also of science, is
Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Doctor, prolific writer, of Indian origin, Chopra managed to bring through the prism of his scientific knowledge, a completely new light on spirituality. He has written more than 65 books, including 19 bestsellers. His books have been translated into 35 languages and have been sold in more than 20 million copies worldwide.

In one of his recent books “Life after Death” – Deepak Chopra analyzes the latest scientific discoveries and great spiritual traditions, to provide a map of the afterlife. It’s a fascinating journey into the many levels of consciousness. But apart from that, his message is this: the ones you meet in the afterlife and what you experience there, reflect the beliefs, expectations and level of consciousness that we currently have. Only here and now can we influence what will happen after we die.

In his vision, life after death invites us to become co-creators in the subtle world, and as we come to understand the unique reality, we will be able to banish irrational fears and gain a divine sense of extraordinary and personal power.

Returning to dr. Robert Lanza’s idea of biocentrism, we mention that according to this theory, which is based on the latest discoveries of quantum physics, instead of admitting a reality that precedes life and even creates it, puts life first, that creates the universe, and that could not exist without us.

Quantum theory tells us that an unobservable object, extremely small, (for example, an electron or a photon – a moon particle) exists only in a blurred, unpredictable state, with no well-defined location until the moment it is observed. This is the famous principle of uncertainty belonging to Werner Heisenberg.

Physicists describe the still unmanifested “ghost” as a condition of the wave function, a mathematical expression used to find the probability that a particle will appear in any given place. When the property of an electron suddenly passes from possibility to reality, under the action of observing it, physicists say that its wave function has disappeared, leaving only that of the corpuscle.

In conclusion, according to biocentrism, time and space do not exist independently of the life that observes them, and in a world devoid of time and space, death does not exist. Immortality does not mean a perpetual existence in an endless time, but rather lives outside of time altogether, Dr. Lanza explained.

We cannot know what happens after death, because to know, we should die and not die at the same time. But we can hope to find a way to overcome our own fears about death. If we find it in religious or scientific explanations, it is less relevant as long as the answer pleases us and saves us from the existence of troubles that will never generate a certain answer.

To end this article on an optimistic note, we present below a joke at the expense of a Buddhist master and his disciple. The latter asks him:

-What awaits the wise man after he dies?
“I don’t know,” replied the master.
-How is it possible not to know? Aren’t you one of the most famous wise men of the time?
“I am indeed, but I have never died yet,” replied the master.


The Biocentric Universe Theory: Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself



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