Keshe Foundation and the space technologies of the future!

keshe1In a world where energy resources are imputed by seeing eye to eye, where the Earth is plagued by the unprecedented exploitation of its natural riches, the future of mankind seems rather uncertain, and without real possibilities to overcome the current energy crisis. Is this the end?

Apparently not! Mankind has always dreamed of finding an inexhaustible source of energy, and it seems that this source has always been at our fingertips, it is GRAVITY itself !

The dream of a united world, where people can travel from any point on the globe to another point in just 5 to 10 minutes, intergalactic journeys, solving the energy crisis and the lack of water, all this can be solved very quickly, this is the message that the Keshe Foundation brings.

The Keshe Foundation has been working for more than two decades to register patents all over the world, so that when the new technology is presented on the market, there will be no need for colossal sums to be used, because the primary intention is to be offered charitablely to all people on this planet.

The Foundation was registered as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands and has a permanent office in Ninove – Belgium, and its purpose is the development of new space technologies such as: transport, electricity generation, health and nutrition systems for space travel.

The Keshe Foundation was founded by Mehran Keshe, of Iranian origin, who studied nuclear engineering at the University of Londra.In the last 40 years, dr. Keshe focused on the dynamics of elecgtrically charged plasma as the energy source of gravitational fields. The technology called MAGRAV is thus announced a first step towards the world of tomorrow, towards eliminating control programs and towards the manifestation of abundance.

It seems that the only conditions for this step to be taken during this very year, are the cooperation of governments and implicitly of scientists from each country and the intention to use this new technology in a beneficial sense, which, despite the average level of consciousness on the planet that is quite low, it can become reality.


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