How does spiritual aspiration increase? Dom’ teacher, my spiritual aspiration has decreased a lot. In fact, I don’t feel it at all anymore. What can I do?

gold-else-atop-the-siegessc3a4uleWhat can I do to regain my inspiration and spiritual aspiration?” someone asks.

Is it a rare problem?

It’s not. Those who have succeeded in yoga have experienced this state of confusion and confusion most of the time (compared to other people).
In fact, it is a common situation, which occurs almost always, programmatically, in any direction we seek to develop – but, especially, when we pursue a spiritual transformation. It’s natural. We can expect this to happen and we can prepare in advance with a strategy of action.

The spiritual aspiration is a precious experience, because even if it alone would be enough to obtain the ultimate spiritual realization, if it were very intense. However, it energizes, stimulates and streamlines the spiritual evolution at every moment. The spiritual aspiration is the love of the high, of the infinite, which in every man manifests itself differently, but has the same target.

What should we NOT do?
We do NOT have to interrupt the connection with the teacher or the master, so it is very good to come to the course, to practice at the gym and to discuss these difficulties or doubts with the teacher, possibly asking for his support.

We should NOT interrupt ourselves from the spiritual practice – yoga or, even, it is good to assume a clear tapas, for a precise period.

SO IT’S NOT GOOD TO STAY INERT… hoping that the problem will be solved on its own and that a trigger will occur.

It is known the situation of the instrumentalists who, when their master tells them that it is necessary to study regularly and play intensively and extensively on that instrument, they tell him that there are enough periods when they no longer love music and that they no longer feel inspired to play. Then their master smiles and tells them that it is natural to be so and that then it is good to practice the ranges until their ability to sing them is exceptional and after that, if they do not feel inspired again…. to continue with the ranges.

Well, in yoga we have the transformative force of tapas, which is necessary for us to transform and burn our impurities and this is sometimes… the equivalent of the ranges in the singers’ story.

The use of green tea (without abusing) – it can be especially useful to stimulate the achieving force to practice yoga (especially for tapas). But NOT to get out of the state of depression, lehamite or tamas, for which there are as solutions yoga and Grace.

There are other plants (medicinal and legal) that can be used and for this it is good to ask the teacher for advice.

Trusting the fact that everything has a purpose and that nothing moves without joining the Divine Order helps us a lot. Trusting in our spiritual purpose or dharma is a power that can pass us many “precipices” or “mountains”.

The study of sacred texts or books with spiritual subjects (svadhiaya) often helps us to stand up when we feel like we are down. It’s a pleasant but limited method, because “one gram of practice makes tons of theory” and we have to be careful not to stick with the “tons of theory” because they don’t use very much without practice.

The company of people with spiritual preoccupations is good and inspiring, but it is not good to rely on it as it would bring results without the practice of yoga. We do NOT depend on it but… it can support us and help us find out more and put yoga into practice…

maybe tens of times easier than without it.

In addition, in yoga we benefit from three exceptional instruments that we can use when we are no longer inspired and we are no longer sure that we feel a spiritual aspiration.

The direct and effective way to instantly obtain an efficiency no matter how great our spiritual aspiration is the RELATION TO THE SUPREME SELF ATMAN, either through Centering in the Heart, through the Meditation of Self-Realization, or through Adi Mudra.
This is, we could say, THE WAY.

Especially when we do Hatha Yoga and meditation this method shows a “diamond efficiency”, because then it no longer matters if the teacher inspires us, if we are many or few in the room, if we are upset or happy, if our life seems to be in an upward trend.

We will succeed, in the end, even in the most difficult conditions, without depending very much :
– whether or not our ambience is inspiring,
– if we are at the yoga course or not,
– if we are in a paradise or in an inferno or
– if we have comfortable conditions in our physical body or on an emotional or mental level.

No matter what our situation is at these levels, the reference to the Self brings efficiency, and the explanation is simple and natural:
all these aspects – physical, bioenergetic, emotional, mental and others – ARE EXTERNAL TO THE SELF and only the cosmic illusion Maya makes us identify with them and appear to us as being inner.
By identifying with them, sometimes it will be good for us and will help us, if the external conditions are favorable (including the regular spiritual practice – the tapas) or they will prevent us – when we have the impression that we are in an inner, dry or painful inferno.

The relation to the Self is independent of all this and certainly leads to the reconnection with the Authentic, the Natural and the Beautiful.


ANOTHER METHOD is the use of Bhakti processes in which we either precisely ask for the amplification of our spiritual aspiration, or we use Ananta in a concrete and regular way.
Participation in internship meditation and short-term spiritual retreats are exceptional to help us achieve an intense spiritual aspiration.
In particular, the reference to Ganesha has the gift of helping us to overcome obstacles in force and achieve the glorious victory.

Another exceptional procedure is the use of inspiring autosuggestions.

A yogi – due to the exceptional chances of spiritual evolution – faces his own impurities or mental statures or attracts the attention of the entities in the subtle with his spiritual light and with the force of spiritual transformations.
All these are allowed or hindered by karma and the chance to “burn” karma very quickly implies the need for a very solar state and a more selective and controlled mental receptivity.
Otherwise, many entities from the astral plane, some vampiric, others envious, others having karmic connections with us from the past will seek to influence us in order to brake us.
It is said that one of the biggest fools that evil entities offer to yogic practitioners is that of giving them the impression that their spiritual efforts have no effect and that it is better to stop and even move on to the Tamasic perspective of “lying” awkwardly seeking the good in the rest of the transforming active forces.
What can we do?
Well, the process is simple but of rare efficiency, because it uses even the “force of the enemy”, which in this situation is our own subconscious inseminated with wrong ideas or unfavorable to spiritual evolution. We will counteract this by using the loading of our own subconscious, at will, with our own force ideas, which we need and which we want strongly manifested in our lives.
Choose maximum three ideas-force, which not to contain denials, to be as short as possible and with positive, clear statements (e.g. “I love doing yoga all the time“) and we repeat them at least 20 times, in thought , before bedtime after I put my head on the pillow or in the morning immediately after I became as conscious as possible.
We can also display in several places in the ambiance of our house these FORCE IDEAS and use them as mental anchors (an unusual and very appropriate place is in the toilet, so that we can read when we sit on the toilet :)).

In the end we resume the fundamental information for the amplification of the spiritual Efficiency – the Direct Way:
“Relating to oneself certainly leads to reconnection with the Authentic, the Natural and the Beautiful.”

Leo Radutz, Abheda Yoga – Bucharest

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