Lighting posture – simple technique with profound effects


It is said that the Buddha himself was enlightened using this method, practicing the same posture under the Boddhi tree, where he was in continuous spiritual retreat, until he achieved spiritual enlightenment. .

The name clearly expresses the spiritual valences of the technique.

The posture of the illumination is called in Sanskrit Prarthanasana. It is an example of a simple practice that can be achieved over long periods of time, having notable effects.

This technique can be performedwithout any other helpful element, without preparatory exercises, at any time, even if we have just eaten a hearty meal or if we are in the middle of preparing for an exam.

Effects of the technique

If practiced correctly and intensely, the posture of enlightenment gives us the opportunity to taste a little of the wonderful effects of the authentic yogic practices of Abheda Yoga.

However, at the course we can benefit from many more secret initiatory explanations and authentic initiation. This it gives us a much greater efficiency in practice.


  • Amplifies the power of interiorization.
  • It is a very appropriate position to pray or lift our spirit.
  • Positioning hands as in the position of Enlightenment can also be used when we are in a meditation position, to facilitate our entry and maintenance in various forms of meditation, having important effects in this situation, although we do not benefit from standing position.

Execution technique

We have as a background a state of interiorization.
We close the eyes, we approach the legs, with the feet parallel (without touching), keeping the body straight, with the spine straight.

We join the palms and thus press them on the chest, under the hollow at the base of the neck, with constant force. This is, in fact, Atmanjali Mudra. A wonderful mudra that can be practiced in any meditation position, as we can see in the first photo in the article.

We put aside the worries and concerns of the day, we seek to be present (with mind and soul) and to relate to a state of sacredness, of holiness,as if we were in a temple.
We focus on the state with intensity, amplifying it.

We maintain the posture for at least 2 minutes.

Erori frecvente:

-the palms are not positioned strictly on the sternum but are held in the air at a certain distance from the chest
-disregarding the value of the position due to its apparent simplicity
-lack of inner focus, as indicated.

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