Is it possible to do yoga alone?

Is it possible to do yoga alone?

I want to practice yoga alone. Why is that? I have my reasons.

Maybe I don’t have time. Maybe I don’t like to get close to people. Maybe I don’t like to answer someone’s commands. I don’t like to have a teacher or a teacher… Yoga, after all, is the search for the Self.
I can barely handle myself and mine. Why should I deal with others?

Yes, it’s a beautiful thing and…

it could work in the case of a minimal spiritual awakening that we might already have.

So it’s not impossible, it’s just that it’s rare.

Most people need a teacher and a group to support and support them.

Sure, it must be a suitable group, wise, disinterested and, if possible, animated by love. But it is not so easy to find such a group. But also alone, it’s much harder, or impossible.

We didn’t say it ourselves, Gurdjieff said it, very seriously, very pressed.

Aivanhov said it, others said it.

And how do we know if we could still practice yoga on our own?

To find out some information and then retreat to the lair of our lives, where to grow and “bake” the spiritual awakening?

Talasana - palm posture - Abheda Yoga

How do we realize we can’t do it alone?

It is not easy to figure it out, but there are a few elements:

– if we do not have the ability to use the ego as an instrument of the soul

– if we see that we fall to the tests of the ego

– if we have spiritual pride

– if we have pride, in the banal, mundane way

– if it is difficult for us to recognize our mistakes and transcend them, let’s turn them for the better

– if we show attachments to what is material or to comfort

– if we find that, when the tests are, we are not able to put the love of spirituality above everything, even towards the love of man

– if we find that we allow ourselves smallness of mind, consciously, we allow ourselves to be evil, selfish, to lie, to be violent, or to manifest injustice, incorrectness consciously,

Then it is quite simple for us to realize that it is a utopia.

That it is in fact, only a subterfuge of the ego, the idea that we can practice yoga on our own.

That is, without a Master or Master and without a group.

On the other hand, spiritual help is the greatest help.

It is a good thing to want to transform yourself, to open yourself up to the unlimited potential that any being actually has, in its destiny. Just any being.

However, when we want this only for ourselves, when as our knowledge advances,

there is no indignation that there is so much ignorance, and that the process of amplifying knowledge and getting out of ignorance is so slow, so heavily sabotaged,

if this indignation does not occur, it means that in fact, we manifest an obvious or more subtle form of spiritual selfishness.

Or, the desire to do yoga alone, is nothing but a subterfuge to keep untouched the inner mice and selfishness.

On the other hand, belonging to a spiritual group should not diminish our freedom.
They should amplify it, expand it, if it is really a spiritual group. Because a group of genuine seekers, not only do they not seek to limit the freedom of friends, but they seek to support it, to amplify it.

If in such an authentic group you have the impression that freedom is reduced, that limiting your freedom is the goal of others, it is quite possible that it is about identifying with the ego.

Anyway, in order to do yoga alone, in a similar way as for the monk who aspires to live in hermitage, that is, to deal alone with the temptations and possible errors of the search for his soul, obvious and constant spiritual qualities are required.

And especially the ability not to lie to yourself!
Not to find subterfuge by which to embellish selfishness, or malice, or love of comfort in who knows what imagined spiritual virtue.

In my opinion, it’s good not to underestimate the Grace you have,

being able to evolve into an authentic spiritual group

or under genuine spiritual guidance, if you have found it!


Leo Radutz (yogacharya), founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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