Microwave – the “hidden enemy” in our kitchens

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microwave ovenIs it possible for millions of people to sacrifice their health without knowing the danger of using the microwave oven?

Why in the Soviet Union have these devices been banned since 1976?

Who invented the microwave and why?

How does it work?

Here are how manyquestions will edify us on this “hidden enemy” in our kitchens!

The microwave has become a household object as if mandatory in any kitchen in the world. This type of oven has become a convenient means of cooking, heating or thawing food.

The convenience of modern man makes him replace everything that is old with everything that is modern and digital, without taking into account the losses and risks that “digital” implies.

The microwave oven is fast and economical, but is it also healthy?

But first let’s find out what microwaves are.

Microwaves are very short waves of electromagnetic energy, generated electronically, where that is also in nature, in a certain natural form. However, the difference between the microwaves produced by these ovens and those emitted by the sun in nature is huge.

To create microwaves, the oven uses an alternating current. Electrical waves change from positive to negative with each wave cycle. Alternating current makes these cycles where they take place much faster.

Water molecules, found in any food, have a positive and negative charge. Thus, when these water molecules are exposed to the energy created by microwaves, which changes from positive to negative, the water molecules rotate.

The chemical analysis of the food left to heat, in the oven, did not concern anyone for a long time. For some time, however, more and more researchers have been sounding alarm bells about the chemical changes taking place in food as a result of their microwave crossing.

microwave oven 1The enormous amounts of energy that is produced between molecules are sufficient to cause adverse reactions. As a result, many new and abnormal molecules arise from the contact of the seeds with the microwaves in the oven. The new molecules are not recognized by the human body, which leads to their bad use by it. Between the molecules of food is stored an amount of energy harmful to the human body. The result: carcinogenic and toxic reactions.

Microwaves also destroy the nutritional quality of food. According to research, those who frequently consume food heated in the microwave have a low hemoglobin content in their blood, that is, their blood will no longer carry enough oxygen to the tissues that need it. Moreover, in the blood increases the amount of white blood cells and cholesterol, decreasing the amount of lymphocytes.

Who invented microwave ovens?

It seems that the inventor was an American Dr. Percy Spencer who in 1946, while experimenting with radar technology, accidentally noticed how the food that was around was heating up. On the other hand it is attributed to an Englishman Leonard Gföllner, and there is another interesting hypothesis, namely that it was invented by the Nazis.

Microwaves kill water!

Water the vital element of life is affected the fastest and most dangerously by microwaves. A simple experiment was made: over a seed kept in cotton wool or earth pour heated water for 2 minutes in a microwave oven. This seed will not sprout anymore! It’s an experiment that can be done by anyone at home. The bottom line: water loses its life-giving properties.

If we think that humans are 70% life, we can imagine what effect these radiations have on the water inside us.

A lot of research on this topic was done in the former Soviet Union, at the Institute of Radio Technology in Kinsk. As a result of the studies carried out, in 1976, the Soviet Union outlawed these microwave ovens, establishing a series of very strict rules related to microwave exposure.

Regardless of the type of food heated in these ovens, chemicals have appeared in all of them that favor the appearance of cancer. The nutritional quality of food cooked in the microwave has also dropped radically, somewhere between 50% and 90%. The functions of the digestive system are subject to enormous risks, risks that turn into certainties, after some prolonged use of these foods. Hormonal abnormalities can also occur: a destabilization of the electrical potential of the cell membrane, memory loss, lack of concentration, emotional disturbances and a significant decrease in intelligence.

As a conclusion, preparing food in the microwave creates new chemicals that are toxic and carcinogenic. Even if they were not so dangerous, although they are, microwaves enormously affect the nutritional value of food, which is significantly reduced.

Microwaves generated by alternating current cause water molecules in food to rotate billions of times per second, which produces a lot of friction between molecules. This friction between molecules results in a rapid increase in temperature, which is why the microwave heating time of food is shorter than in other energy sources.

In conclusion we present 13 reasons why it is worth throwing away our microwave:

-Consuming long-term foods prepared in the microwave, we will suffer permanent neurological damage (short circuits of electrical impulses, depolarization and demagnetization of nerve tissues);

– The human body cannot metabolize unknown products, resulting from subjecting food to microwaves;

– Hormone production is stopped or modified, both in men and women;

– The effects of the by-products resulting from the use of microwave ovens are residual (long-term, permanent) for the human body;

– Minerals, vitamins and other nutrients from foods prepared in microwave ovens are destroyed or altered, so that the human body can not benefit from them, or absorbs altered nutrients, which hurt it instead of good;

– Minerals in vegetables are converted into free radicals, clear causes of cancer, when vegetables are prepared in the microwave;

– Food prepared in the microwave causes intestinal and stomach tumors. This may explain the worrying increase in colon cancer in the US, where 90% of the population uses such a device;

– Prolonged consumption of food subject to microwave oven radiation leads to the multiplication of cancer cells in human blood;

– Continuous consumption of food prepared in the microwave causes serious immune deficiencies in terms of lymphatic glands and blood alteration;

– Feeding with such foods causes memory and concentration loss, emotional instability and even decreased intelligence;

– Uncontrolled leakage of radiation can cause leukemia and cataracts;

– Radiation can leak through the walls;

And last but not least, let’s not forget that if we water a seed with water that stayed 2 minutes in the microwave it will not sprout!

Let’s hope that these facts are convincing enough for anyone, so that they make us think seriously when we still want to use this device in the kitchen!

source: viataverdeviu.ro

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