A simple test done by a little girl from school signals us how serious are the effects of microwave ovens!

Microwave_oven_(inside)The microwave oven is fast and economical, but is it also healthy? It is known that microwaves destroy the nutritional quality of food. In addition, water, which is the vital element of life, is affected the fastest and most dangerously by microwaves, the water losing its life-giving properties.

In the following we will see the results of a scientific test carried out by a little girl from a school in Sussex, UK, to prove that microwaves are not healthy.
She boiled water on the stove
, but also in a microwave container. After the water cooled, she used it to water two identical plants and see if there was any difference between normal boiled water and boiled water in the microwave. The little girl thought that the structure or energy of the water could be compromised by microwaves.

To everyone’s great surprise, the plant watered with boiled water in the microwave died in just nine days, while the plant watered with normal boiled water developed beautifully. The experiment was repeated by her colleagues and had the same results.

microwave plantsIt has been known for several years that the microwave problem is related to radiation and the way they corrupt the DNA in food, so that the human body no longer recognizes it.

day 9Microwaves don’t work differently on other foods. Anything that is put in the microwave undergoes the same destructive process. Microwaves shake the molecules to move faster and faster. This movement causes friction, which degrades the original structure of the substance – vitamins are destroyed, as well as minerals and proteins, generating a new compound, called radiolytic, which is not naturally in nature.

The human body will wrap itself in fat cells to protect itself from “dead” food or eliminate it very quickly.

Here are the main reasons why you will definitely not want to use microwaves anymore, according to researcher William P. Kopp:

1. Constantly eating microwave-heated food causes long-term brain damage, as it leads to “short circuits” of electrical impulses in the brain.

2. The human body cannot metabolize the compounds that appear after microwave food processing.

3. The production of female and male hormones is altered by microwave-heated food.

4. The effects of compounds created after microwave food processing are long-lasting or even permanent in the human body.

5. Minerals, vitamins and all the nutrients in microwave food are spoiled, so people no longer benefit from proper nutrition.

6. Minerals in vegetables are converted into cancerous free radicals during microwave processing.

7. Microwave food can cause cancerous tumors in the stomach and intestines.

8. Microwave food can cause an increase in the number of cancer cells in human blood, if consumed for a long time.

9. The constant consumption of food in the microwave causes deficiencies of the immune system.

10. Microwave food leads to memory loss, emotional instability and decreased intelligence.

Source: rtv.net

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