How can we preserve our eyes?

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The connection between us and the world is made mainly through the visual sense, more than three quarters of the perceptions and memories of a being being of a visual nature. This shows us that the health of our eyes is extremely important; unfortunately many of us are not aware of this and, moreover, we do not know what danger the modern lifestyle represents.

More than half of the world’s population suffers from eye diseases, caused by the harmful factors we encounter at every turn. What are these?

Long exposure to computer screens, watching television, replacing natural light with artificial light, poor nutrition in minerals and natural vitamins, chemical pollution, forced vision during prolonged intellectual effort, and the list could continue.

It is interesting and also worrying that eye problems, most of them serious, occur at an increasingly young age, so a growing percentage of children need specialized treatments. For this reason, some specialists thought that prevention would be much better, especially if it can be carried out naturally, than to try later to find sophisticated paleatives.

Here are some of these natural remedies that are extremely valuable to the health of your eyes:


It is a method of eye treatment discovered by the British doctor, by oculist profession, Wiliam Bates, absolutely by chance. One day, feeling overtired and blurred, he reflexively placed both his palms above his eyes for a few minutes, to his surprise, and noticed that his vision had suddenly cleared up and his headache had disappeared. Dr. Bates realized that he unwittingly made an exceptional discovery and recommended it to his patients.

With the help of consistently practiced palming for several months he managed to achieve better results than with the most sophisticated surgical methods and ophthalmological treatments, in the treatment of hypermetropia, myopia, strabismus, blepharospasm, and even in certain ocular irrigation disorders or ocular degeneration.

How is the “palming” process performed?

We sit comfortably with our backs straight on a chair, then rub our palms together for 20-30 seconds, as if we wanted to warm them up. We then place our palms with our fingers slightly clasped in the caus above our eyes and seek to feel the beneficent caludra and the energy emanating from our hands. We stayed like this for 2-5 minutes, as relaxed as possible, aiming to feel the transfer of energy from the palms to the open eyes and the beneficial effects of this transfer (state of tension, regeneration). At the end, we take the palms above the eyes, blink a few times and seek to notice the transformations that have occurred as a result of this exercise: clearer vision, disappearance or blurring of the state of mental tension, relaxation of the mind and body. This exercise can be done whenever we feel tired eyes, and is especially recommended for those who work a lot on the computer, who have a lot of office work or who have an activity that requires precision and a high degree of straining of vision. In this case, the exercise can be performed at least twice a day, up to 4-5 times a day for five minutes, and can cure or even improve an impressive list of diseases, which I have listed above.

Washing with cold water

Another very effective medtoda for the eyes is an ancient application of traditional medicine, which assumes that when we make our morning toilet to throw for 1-2 minutes with water on the eyes ajar. This method will temporarily produce a slight irritation (due to the difference in osmotic pressure), reddening our cornea, but it will also increase several times the influx of blood into the eye area, will produce a cleansing of this area, as well as a revival of the whole being. People who feel tired, who have disorders of concentration and focus of the eye or face eye problems specific to advanced age, must make this application specifically. Moreover, this simple technique is also a quick means of energizing and invigorating the psyche, as well as eliminating stress and mental fatigue, can be done not only in the morning but also during the day.

Voluntary blinking

When we blink, we basically naturally protect our eyes, giving ourselves to foreign bodies and maintaining the wet tear film that creates an environment conducive to our eyes.

Based on this fact it has been observed that when we blink more often on a road of several minutes, healing effects can be obtained.

Thus, an exercise was set up that involves closing our eyes, as tight as we can, for 3 seconds, and then opening them to the maximum for another three seconds, so on, for 2 to 3 minutes a day. It has been found that, repeated daily, for several months, this exercise leads to exceptional results, in which some diseases such as: myopia (by balancing pressure in the eyeballs, lacrimal hyposeretia, certain forms of conjuctivitis and blepharitis (by intesification of blood microcirculation at this level).

Voluntary tear

Why are we tearing? In apparent tearing is a process designed to eliminate any foreign body or inritatious substance that comes into contact with the eyes. But the tear does not occur when the eyes must only be protected from any danger, but also when we are very tense mentally, when we are depressed, excited or very happy.

Thus, the tear drop also has a function of eliminating stress, very strong emotions, which could otherwise disturb us. For this reason in traditional medicine, the tear drop is given a very important place.

It was caused for several minutes with the help of irritant substances contained in onions or horseradish, substances that were released by shaving these vegetables. One of these ingredients was placed near the eyes, which caused a tear of 3-4 minutes, with very intense therapeutic effects: eliminate eye pain caused by too strong concentration, relieve blepharitis and allergic conjuctivitis, make disappear headaches that appeared against the background of states of mental tension, eliminate itching of the eyes. In some cases, tearwas also used as a first aid remedy for the elimination of span or wooden splinters accidentally jumped into the eye.

In magical medicine, the tear was provoked to get rid of curses, the possession of evil spirits and various negative entities that imperiled the mind and soul.

What cannte we use to improve vision?

Plants intended for vision are used for external use, usually in the form of combined infusion, having anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and anti-infective effects. Among them we find the leaves of the horn, which have the property to cure diseases such as myopia or astigmatism. Silur is another herb successfully used to treat cancer located near the eyes, vision disorders that occur with age and even to relieve serious eye complications, as in the case of diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

Besides plants, nutrition also plays a very important role in maintaining eye health. Among the very useful medicine foods of the eyes we list: catnip, carrots, parsley, soy (germs), and chickpeas.

Blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants are true champions in the fight against eye diseases.

All these fruits contain anthocyanins, substances that protect the eyes from aging processes, help maintain the elasticity of tissues at this level, improve night vision. These fruits also help keep blood sugar levels at normal levels, preventing diabetes – a disease that in turn causes major eye problems.

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