Pope Francis urges us to stop eating lamb for Easter!

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Pope FrancisPope Francis is the first pope in the history of Christianity to urge us to stop eating lamb for Easter!

"Do not eat lamb for Easter!

This is an exceptional event, because it is for the first time in the history of Christianity that an important person - even if he is from the Catholic world, he is himself the pope - exposes the enormous error that is made on the eve of the holy Easter holidays. Perhaps someone will say that there is no point in talking about such a religious holiday, but even if it were just that, Easter is a time when people relate to that which is good, furious, authentic and certainly life on Earth acquires additional power and beauty and this is true regardless of whether we believe in Jesus or not.

And yet, until now, with this inner impulse to the light, a shadow appeared: the killing with serenity of most male lambs (especially) in order to "celebrate" Easter!
It's almost like a satanic ritual that this collective crime unfolds, and it's not hard to feel that something is wrong.
We thank the pope for bringing light to this silent area so far.
Among the oldest Christian communities, the lamb was represented on the shoulders of the shepherd and symbolized the soul saved by Christ. His Easter murder has no basis in the Christian tradition, but rather has its roots in the Old Testament.
It is a bloody ritual, in stark contradiction to the concept of the Resurrection, which brings with it the renewal of faith and hope.
It is a ritual that is not necessary in a society like ours, already plunged with violence and death, which only serves to satisfy the interests of the food industry."
(Pope Francis)

The origin of the Paschal lamb is linked to an ancient history of the people of Israel, a pre-Christian rite found in the Old Testament. Saint Gregory of Nazianz tells us that the lamb with his face expresses gentleness and innocence, and his uncorrupted garment foreshadows that of the Messiah.
In the Christian tradition, the lamb is nothing more than a reminiscent of the Paschal lamb of the Old Testament.

The early Christian communities did not sacrifice the lamb, lest they be confused with the Jewish Passover, and initially they even gave up this custom. But we no longer live by the rules of the Old Testament, and the sacrifice of an innocent animal has nothing to do with the Eucharistic sacrifice, in which Jesus Christ offers himself to believers, in the form of bread and wine representing his blood and body.

So let's heed Pope Francis' exhortation and let's stop cutting lambs for Easter! Let us purify our spirit but also our body in the light of the holy Easter Holidays!


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