Easter Christian in the Spiritual Heart

Abheda means, among other things, identity between the human being, the other beings and… Lord-Lord!

Easter is also an important holiday for yogis

Why is that?
Every day should be felt and lived as being like the last… the most special and the most precious day…, not just Easter.

But it is good to pay attention to a holiday such as Easter, being a great chance of reporting and identification with the Great Avatar, Savior or Savior. He was once a man who went to earth, worked, drank, ate, who rejoiced and suffered “side by side” with other people.

Why, when we do Bhakti – devotional relating to Jesus is effective?

I mean, why should we still relate to Jesus when we can relate directly to God?

The exceptional yogi treatise Bhagavad Gita states and even insists in this direction. The reason is that it is not something abstract.
It is the reference to someone concrete, in the flesh, who was human like us, apparently living with human limits, but being in His heart unlimited. This proves that the potential of a human being is unlimited. Jesus offered himself as an example or divine model.

Even the brilliant poet Nichita Stănescu

“So much so don’t forget:
that he was a living man,
touchable by hand.
So much so don’t forget
that he blew with his mouth,-
that he had skin
clothed in cloth.
That’s all you don’t forget.”
that he could have stayed
at the table with us,
at the table of the secret dinner.
That’s all to forget! That’s all,-
that he lived,
before us…
That’s all,
on your knees please, forget!”

(Nichita Stanescu)

Yes… And? We can prepare… to honor him…

  • We clean up…

But not necessarily around us. The cleanliness of the outside hardly reaches “inside”, because man sanctifies the place, but the place very little sanctifies man.
Or else: if we give up spirituality for something external, even well cleaned and fragrant… it’s not good because it would be like in the parable of the clean tombs on the outside but dirty on the inside.

Even when he was still on Earth there were enough people near him who felt absolutely nothing. Even now if a lot of people came to the flesh, they wouldn’t feel anything.

It is necessary and something other than the possibility of touching Him :
the inner ability to come into contact with the plane of Consciousness Christ.

until Easter morning

  • to perform every day at 20:00 in unison (each where they are) at least 5 minutes fundamental meditation with music followed by
    isihasta meditation at least 15 minutes.
  • minimum 20 minutes/day Uddhiyana Bandha or Vira Olimudra (possibly in two stages); people who have contraindications can make a replacement tapas, discussed with the teacher, if necessary
  • 10 days before Easter we can follow

    Dhanyacarin Krama or the Oshawa regime

  • minimum once/ week Anaharin (fasting black only with water)
  • (optional) to carry out one of the purification processes learned in chapter Saucha – purification:
    -> diet with citrus fruits, Shank Prakshalana (cleaning the entire digestive tract), Basti Kriya (purifying yogic enema), Kalaka nirmukta (removal of stones from bile).

Easter cleaning in the house – IT MAKES SENSE IF we have carried out these interior purifications. 🙂

THEN we finally meet for a great meditation of love… Right on Easter!

Leo Răduț


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