Prasada for the spiritualization of the table

People who aspire to live life by living spirituality in the middle of life pay great attention to the moment of nourishment.

Feeding can be a wonderful opportunity and… daily communion with God!

How we feed ourselves is just as important as what we eat.

Prasada for the spiritualization of the table

This simple invocation changes the perspective we have on the food in front of us, removing greed. Spiritualizing the act of feeding ourselves helps us to “eat to live, not to live to eat.”

It is wise to give ourselves a break, we relax and say this prayer or we relate to a beneficial, high principle before we start eating.

This specific formula for blessing food was composed by grand master
Swami Yogananda
. It was published in his work Whispers from Eternity Ed. 1929.


Original English version:

“Heavenly Father, receive this food. Make it holy.
Let no impurity of greed ever defile it.
The food comes from Thee. It is to build Thy temple.
Spiritualize it. Spirit to Spirit goes.
We are the petals of Thy manifestation, but Thou art the Flower, its life, beauty and loveliness.
Permeate our souls with the fragrance of Thy presence.”


Variant used in the Abheda Academy:

“Lord God, I beseech thee humbly
receive this food and sanctify it.
Don’t let any impurities of greed stain it.
I use it to maintain your holy temple. Spiritualize it!
My soul calls the universal soul that you are.
We are all petals of your manifestation
You are the whole flower, the whole life and the whole love.
Impregnate my soul with the Scent of Your Presence!”


Another translation:

“Heavenly Father,
Get this food. Sanctify it.
Do not let any impurity of greed desecrate it.
Food comes from You.
It exists to build Your temple.
Spiritualize it. The Spirit to the Spirit is right.
We are petals of Your manifestation,

But You are the flower – its life, its beauty and its charm.
Imbue our souls with the fragrance of Your presence.”

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