What age is your soul?

soul levelsHave you ever wondered how old your soul is? You may not even have asked yourself this question, but our souls also evolve in different stages, as we learn our life lessons, on this beautiful planet called Earth.

Moving from one life to another during our soul’s journey, we accumulate experiences, we learn lessons, we fulfill missions. All this long evolutionary process that a soul goes through, determines the age of the soul. The Age of the Soul refers to how much an entity has evolved through experience on Earth, not just how many lives it has lived. No age is better or worse than another, no person is higher or lower, but simply in another place. There are five ages(stages) through which souls pass during incarnations in the physical plane:

1. Newborn souls.

The soul, just arrived on Earth, is usually caught up in the struggle for survival from the physical plane, still unfamiliar. Thus, the stage of the newborn soul is characterized by many fears. At this stage, people are born in tribal, almost primitive conditions. Their main concern is survival. Newborn souls learn to find food sources, build shelters and defend themselves from predators. People with a newborn soul may seem quite harsh and unpolished. Most often they are found in the midst of the dangers and natural disasters of
all sorts.

As a positive part, being so recently close to the Source, they have an aura of purity and mysticism. They resonate very much with nature and often feel not individuals but part of a whole, being very connected to the tribe, the family, the group to which they belong. They are very intuitive and like to live in the moment.
Consciousness is not fully developed at this stage, so they will not be very inclined towards ethics or a personal moral code. The newborn soul must be taught what is right and what is wrong.
As for the preparation of food, newborn souls will not have refined tastes, and food will be considered strictly a necessity for survival and not a way to enjoy the pleasure of taste.
Love will be lived on the instinct level. They will not wonder how to conquer a possible partner, or how to make themselves more pleasant. They can even be inclined to violence or an instinct of self-defense taken to the extreme when they feel threatened.

Newborn souls tend to flock to equatorial areas due to the climate that makes survival easier. (Amazon basin, African countries, Middle East, etc.). Modern society is too complex for souls at this stage to feel comfortable. In the rare cases in which a newborn soul appears in an economically developed country, it will tend to isolate itself, not looking for a stable job and avoiding taking responsibility for its actions. Many of the criminals considered dangerous were newborn souls. In those cases, an extreme narcissism and a lack of consciousness or regret for the acts committed were observed.
another Planet Earth is approaching the time when the last newborn soul will incarnate. Fewer and fewer entities at this stage will want to come here, because they would find themselves thrown into the unpleasant game of recovering
the difference from the predominant collective consciousness, which is heading towards the age of maturity.

2. Child souls.

Because there is already a minimum of life experience on Earth, we observe less fear, and a greater degree of development. Survival has already been assimilated the time has now come to become civilized and to prove that they can live correctly. Structure and authority help child souls feel comfortable in the world. They will want to be directed and will look for those who will draw clear rules for them. At this stage priests, doctors, political or military leaders will be regarded with great respect as representatives of the authority. Everything related to traditions, rituals, law and order will provide a sense of security.” That’s the rule and that’s what we’re going to do” is the typical way of thinking. The difference between good and evil will be made dogmatically, in black and white. In general, they are conscientious and fair citizens, who will try as much as possible to do what is right, morally and socially.

As a negative aspect, religious extremism and anti-racist organizations have been the product of this stage of development.
Child souls prefer to be the big fish in the small pond and therefore will be found in small communities, where life is simple and where they can assume the roles of pillars of society. (Mayors, sheriffs, members of councils
city, etc.). They do not bear to be contradicted, and they consider that they are always right, making it very difficult for them to conceive and accept the idea of opposition or a new way of thinking. This is not a stage of introspection.
Child souls have a strong sense of patriotism and will feel that it is justified to fight for the principles they believe in, but they will do so dogmatically and in a rather limited mentality.
They’re almost obsessed with cleaning, and removing all microbes. Most often health problems come from repressed anger or other emotional blockages (common are kidney stones, gallstones, low back pain).
When faced with such problems, they will always prefer conventional medicine, pills and surgical interventions.
As for sexuality, they will not feel comfortable and will often show shame or guilt. The natural tendency will be to hide his body and not to manifest his sensuality (puritanical attitude). On the other hand, the feeling of family is very developed during this period. I feel the need to raise many children, to socialize with all relatives, to celebrate holidays and social events with community members.

planet_earth13. Young souls

Having assimilated the experience of survival and discipline, the soul now seeks to see how powerful it can become in the world. The young soul will be preoccupied with independence and getting what it wants in life. This is perhaps the most competitive stage of all the cycles of the incarnations. It is characterized by the material part, to acquire fame and power, to accumulate earnings in money. The measure of all things will be personal success and that of those around you. It will matter who has the most properties, the most important friends, the fastest car, the most expensive clothes, etc.
The countries where most young souls are embodied in these years, are the most developed countries in the world -(Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the United States). Those who grow up in these places will also receive a real ‘education of success’, where competition is encouraged even in recreational activities.
another Basic concern will be to reach the top, regardless of the area of activity, sometimes even at the cost of sacrificing moral and ethical principles, and without a special concern for the long-term consequences of this ‘race’.

As a positive aspect, due to their motivation to leave their mark on the world, Young Souls can be tireless workers. To them we owe our efficiency, much of the technological advances, courage and continuous effort to
make dreams and produce changes. Unfortunately, at this stage, quantity is more important than quality.
Not being very open emotionally, as parents will not be able to have a harmonious relationship with their children. They will buy them everything they can afford instead. But everything will be a reflection of their status (a picture of the success of the family).
Towards the end of this stage appears the desire to experiment more with food and sex. There is also interest in travel, both to enjoy the experience and to gain popularity within the group to which I belong.
Creativity begins to develop more in this phase, although it reaches its peak in the Maturity stage. Many people become famous during this period – movie stars, TV presenters, singers, politicians,
spiritual leaders, or businessmen.

4. Mature souls

At the end of the stage of the young soul, a restlessness arises as if something is missing. It’s like all wealth, power and fame are no longer enough. Profit and gain lose their value.
Thus begin the searches of the Mature Soul. It is the stage of existential questions ( Who am I? Why am I here?). Emotions come to the surface, barriers between people are broken down. One feels the need for communication, for analyzing the feelings so far put on the second plane. If in the previous stages the attention was focused on the outside, the attention now moves to the inner plane. Everything comes to the surface — pain, love, depression, and everything is lived intensely. There is a sense of vulnerability, and an attempt to heal some past wounds.
In countries with mature souls, more attention is placed on social relations than on the accumulation of material goods (Italy, Greece, Mexico). Another characteristic is the political instability and the constant search for the formula
suitable for government.
Mature souls seek the company of other souls who are on the same wavelength and with whom they can share their passions (music, art, theater, refined foods). Non traditional religions, meditation, metaphysics, esotericism, become appreciated and practiced with interest.

Evolution5. Old souls

Old souls feel the connection that exists between all people and feel part of a whole. They have the ability to see the big picture and try to live in such a way that they do no harm and do not judge others. They are preoccupied with maintaining their ethical principles. They are more detached from the emotional intensity of the Mature Soul, and
they manage to be more objective in terms of the ups and downs of life. Having experienced dozens of lives in a variety of cultures and social classes, these souls no longer get caught up in the game of control theater and have the ability to remain impartial, in a balanced and peaceful way.

Old souls seem to be at odds, never in step with norms, they are unusual, they tend to follow their own perceptions and desires and this can make them look eccentric. They are very motivated to develop spiritually, but lacking in enthusiasm when it comes to achieving material success. They will rarely do what they don’t want to do, preferring to follow their own path even if non-conventional. Many times they will choose a job without pretensions, where they will not be stressed and that allows them to focus their energy on spiritual development.

Old souls are usually very competent in many areas due to the accumulated experience. But they will prefer those activities that support them in evolution: counselors, teachers, coaches, etc. On the list of priorities of these souls will not be fashionable clothes, jewelry or latest cars. Nor the jobs with strict hours. A kind of laziness intervenes on the material level, and this can create a difficulty in paying the bills, but old souls have an advantage: as they advance in knowledge, the goals can be achieved with less effort.

The old soul can explore many religions, and esoteric systems, being most attracted to those with which it resonated in past lives. Due to the fact that the stage of material prosperity has already been overcome, the soul will no longer want to recreate those situations, being concerned only with learning philosophical and spiritual lessons. In some cases, the essence may end up hindering the accumulation of money when this material attachment is in danger of affecting spiritual development. Problems arise when the human personality will try hard to make money, feeling uncomfortable in the existing environment. But as long as the essence receives what it really wants – spiritual food – material prosperity will not be blocked.

An important lesson of the old soul’s period is that of self-respect, love and self-forgiveness. Living in the middle of a society mainly in the young stage, old souls will feel un-appreciated and pushed aside.

Another attempt is to learn to live in the body, and to make his life enjoyable, to enjoy the physical plane. To compensate for karmic imbalances, the old soul will have the body of the sex that it prefers the least. But living in so many lives both as a woman and as a man, the energies will mix to such an extent that it will sometimes be difficult for them to identify with a single option. In sexual intercourse they will seek tantric communion, total, on the level of all chakras.

Children who have old souls are generally very quiet and quiet. Mature individuals will be inclined to teach others, for this is the stage at which the lessons learned are passed on.
Besides these typologies, there are two other categories of souls – the transcendental ones, and the infinite ones.

Transcendental souls are sent to Earth as representatives of the whole souls who have mastered all the lessons of the incarnations. The goal is to guide humanity through teachings, through the power of example, or through certain
actions meant to bring about a change. They are also called the Exalted Masters.

Infinite souls are direct manifestations of The Source. They are souls who contain an entire universe in their consciousness. Their energy is so great that they never stay long in the physical plane because no body could sustain them. Buddha and Jesus are such souls. It is said that the Earth is to be visited by four or five such incredible souls in the next 20 years, representing different races and both sexes. Their message is always the same: Love one another, and love the Earth.
Source: http://www.michaelteachings.com/soul_age_index.html

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