The lie sits with the king at the table… warns us Yoga

The lie sits with the king at the table and the truth walks with his head broken…!

An article that is not intended for those who understand a little.

A terrible story in its reality.

This story is our story, we are kings in our inner kingdom, it is part of the existence of every man and, in our opinion, it is good to know and understand it well, because:

– until a certain acceptable spiritual awakening people easily consider lying as truth, illusion as reality;

– the more the lie is made, the more the unawakened beings tend to believe it more easily – a terrible law of the unawakened, extremely painful for all by consequences;

he who lives in a lie or illusion cannot use illusion or lie as a tool to find out the Truth and would practically and apparently be condemned to “sleep” all existence; but we are lucky, because the Universe is not mechanical but is conscious and it reacts in the sense of reducing entropy not in the sense of its magnification, as it seems at first glance;

an “irregularity” in the apparent universal mechanism will occur at some point to help the Seeker partially wake up;

so difficult and rare is this that if we feel that we have found a Path that can offer The Awakening, it is good to make the most of it and check it to the end and at all times;

– the truth is repudiated by the unawakened man,

just like someone’s first reaction when someone is trying to wake them from their sleep:

it is not excluded that the Awakener should also receive a few slaps, and if the sleeper does not finally wake up, however, his violence can be however great in the unconscious sleep he experiences;

like a lifeguard, the Awakener must take care of his security because the subsequent regrets of the one who is a mother is useless if the Awakener does not defend himself from his unconscious and, for the time being, selfish tendencies.

What to do:

– to pay attention to what life offers us to take advantage of spiritual opportunities,

– to be humbled by the knowledge that we can easily take the lie as the truth, the illusion as reality,

– to appreciate the truth to the fullest and to give it a central role in our lives, to cultivate it from the top

– to put the Spiritual Way first, and because all the others will be offered to us on top of that,

– to use the chance to find one or more people who (at least) seem to us to be awakened and to use the power of the Spiritual Group that can help enormously,

– in addition, usually authentic spiritual paths offered either much Truth and little Inner Power, or a lot of Power and a little Truth; Abheda Yoga is a wonderful opportunity and because it can help us get truth and power or intensity… and this is rare and valuable.

Leo Radutz

Here’s the legendary poem:



“Thelie sits with the king at the table…
That’s just a lot of story:
Since they’re kings, since they’ve been lying,
been bringing the best house together.

Oh, there’s so much to do, you see,
That’s all the worries a king’s been on!
That’s all there is to know! and, it is understood,
His squire can’t be anyone.

“What a happy country, Your Majesty!…
“The Mouth Lie is swayed.
That only God has put you on a crown
Wisdom and kindness

Shepherd of this nation that stands to perish,
What you wouldn’t even know it was, poor man,
If he doesn’t find his own limp,
If it’s not in your hand, wax ball.

That you savages found here,
Wild, and sour, and fools in turn,
And poverty like you don’t think…
But you make a sign, and they start to rise.

Hosts, fortresses, new world palaces,
The springs of life are unclogging;
Everywhere riches flood;
and you share them with both hands.

Today at your table covet a world.
There’s a joy and a plenty in the country,
That hungry mouths come from outside.
The whole crucible sounds like a name.

Look, the ground that’s dressed is…
They grow flowers where you step, and they laugh.
You’re just going to take your chances with your eyes.
Still peasants frolicking in the villages!…”

and likes the king. It’s a big deal.
How it charms kings Lie. It’s right
That she, long ago, on the thrones steps
It was the most chosen delight
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Your Grace, there’s a stranger out there,
Kind of cool, but he seems like a great man, and…
The truth is, he said his name was…
Where’s it from… that he’s not from here in the country.

The pale lie melts his voice:
“Oh, you don’t get it! I know him, he’s the herald
Bad, what’s the all-knowing thing about.
and sees the collapse at every turn.

It’s the one that’s conspiring against you.
Envy in his heart groans and
His mouth is full of curses.
You can’t hear what’s going on…”

and yet, says the king, let him live!
Proof that right at the palace Lie
She’s not always victorious.
They do the monarchs crazy…

Looking into the eyes of the king, the stranger,
With his arms crossed,
It’s the word: the country, Your Majesty,
It’s hard. You don’t hear his sigh,

For music sings around you. And servants
Sleeping, like in the wall, you’re getting married,
If you can’t see the people outside,
Your good subjects the many and hardworking.

That you didn’t try to cut your way to them.
You know, in your country, what a soul it beats,
All you wanted was crooked backs.
and mouths open to your praise.

That if it was a man to sit right in your face,
Like an enemy, you took him away from you.
The elders perish. But the new army is coming,
and painful things learn more!

Leaves, theatre décor, lights,
All that on the vulg and the children cheat,
This is all your royal glory.
On the sad void around your decorations!

You in this country see nothing but heaven
What’s yours ill of you in the blink of an eye:
Ruin them under the poleted paper,
Beneath the cracks of the fir crack cracks the rot,

But you’re happy. Linguists
High hymns to your glory
and make you not hear the song of sorrow
With which they fall asleep the hunger of the predators
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
You didn’t love your people, Your Majesty!
Or you didn’t understand it, and it’s all the same.
From top to bottom it’s gone
Lie She binds and unties in the country all.

And to give you a magnifying foam,
Like a child carries you and shows you
Glitters and flowers… Find out what you’re going to do
The terrible times of the revelation?…

and what hopes were in you,
How cheerful your people got in your way,
With bread and salt!… Osanale!
His savior thought he was coming.

How cheerful your people got in your way!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
and what a sad faith it will remain;
That you couldn’t reach out to him,
It’s the hard work of your mob!”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
That they didn’t wake the king,
That the Truth was kicked out and
the servants shoved him up the ladder,
Of course, it goes without saying.”

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