Raise your eyes – a movie dedicated to the online generation!

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people-textingWe live in a world that is becoming more and more absent in the real world and more and more present “online” in the virtual universe.

From a spiritual point of view, this fact represents an even more accentuated deepening in the julius, a new, more refined level of illusion. When we are online, we feel connected with the others in the network, and even though we have 422 friends, as the one who made this movie tells us, we are still alone, completely absorbed by the fascinating power of the small screen of the mobile phone. Paradoxically, social networks alienate us even more, and the number of friends increases exponentially with the degree of isolation.

This fact becomes even more worrying when we look at the young generation, which is already dependent on technology, and which can no longer communicate except by the means offered by it, forgetting how it actually communicates, forgetting to look its interlocutor in the eye, to touch him and smile at him when he speaks to him.

The film presented below is a wake-up call, with the hope that this call will have an echo in the minds and hearts of people who want to live with others in a natural, normal way, devoid of the aritifical environment of technology.

So, raise your eyes, hang up the phone, and live as present as possible in this world, and if you are on a spiritual path, the more you will appreciate the time gained for the realization of your daily sadness .

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