“Self-confidence has nothing to do with your successes, your performances or your powers.
They support trust, but they are not the cause of them.
Because performance is the effects of the existence of the Self.
Self-confidence comes from the relationship of your consciousness with your Self, with your divine spark, with your spirit, with Life.
Self-confidence is your faith in the inner divine.
The divine has no attributes. He simply exists.
The divine, revealed or hidden, generates attributes.
But he is devoid of attributes because he is out of all description, of all definition.”

Until we knew of Himself, we believed in crumbs, in mizilics.
We seek the Source “downhill” instead of looking for it “on the hill”.”
But the Self… it’s everything.

You’re never alone.

You never need to prove anything to anyone because no one else is the Source… and the Self, which is the Source, is in us, we are, fundamentally us.
We don’t have to prove anything.

That’s why the authentic is modest, it’s humble, good and gentle.
not because he’s weak, but because he’s the strongest.
not because he doesn’t have it, but because he has the most and forever.

In the most natural way, without proposing and without ever having had spiritual qualities, you begin to have them, because they are

Do you want to have Self-confidence?
Then… do not seek Him – be the Self!

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