The Mirror of the Self

guru_uchenikA wise man lived in the world surrounded by his disciples. One day, one of them, said to him:
-Master, I do not know how to make me happy.. Teach me!”
The Master looked at him for a long time, and then gave him a mirror:
“Be happy!”, said hurriedly and left.
The disciple remained frozen with the mirror in his hand…

Years and years pass.. until one day, when the master saw him again as a disciple. He was serene, smiling at the sky, with a light in his eyes that he did not know.
– Well,- asks him – did you find out?
– Yes- answered the disciple – I found out that:
The essence of all things you find in yourself,
No one will be able to give you happiness. only you,
When someone asks you, “Are you happy?.. what do you answer?!”
– Yes, I am happy!.. What does this mean?!
– It means that you have found yourself the real one. And that you feel good in your skin.. You look in the mirror and you recognize yourself: yes, I am what I am.. that… and it’s really nice!!
Now, I think I understand that happiness is not taught, but is discovered in itself… And for this you don’t need anyone outside of you to offer it to you. It’s just you!!.
Master, I’ll give you back the mirror.. it is no longer useful to me..
– That’s right, my son, smile satisfied master. You’ve found yourself the real one. But, to be fully happy, offer to yourself and to others, give happiness from your happiness and you will have yourself.”
–True.. Can?
– Teach people to know themselves, to discover themselves, giving them the opportunities, the happenings through which to “find out” what they have forgotten: The happiness of the living soul. You are the mirror of the other, and the other, in turn, the mirror is the one next to him. We are all mirrors of one and the same whole. For a lifetime I was wandering through the “hall of mirrors” looking for the original one. In the end, there are only two left: you and God, and between you
Life.. infinite life”
– Come on, now to work.. that we have the job done!

He broke up…
Two wise men, to live in the world.

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