Spanda or the secret vibration of the Heart!

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heart-energySpanda – the etymology of this word, which in Sanskrit language translates as vibration or primordial sound, comes from the betrayal of Kashmirian Shivaism, in which Spanda represents the primordial vibration of the Universe and of our own being.

The concept of "primordial vibration" refers to the way in which the Universe was born; there are texts that refer to this "vibration" as a transcendental cause of the appearance of the Universe. The word "vibration" in the singular way indicates the idea of a cyclical movement.

In fact, in the human being, Spanda takes on the dimension of a much deeper level of our connection with the divinity, a connection that is part of the most intimate reality of our being.

In our daily life, the Sacred Vibration, can be experienced in any circumstances in which we live states like enthusiasm or we feel an intense state of inner unity. A life lived in the Heart is called "sahridaya", while the absence of this experience (or living outside the Heart) produces apathy, distrust, inertia, lack of efficiency and concentration.

Spanda is an essential concept in Hridaya Yoga.

Spanda restores our natural ability to center in the Heart and find our joy of life. In essence, Hridaya Yoga corresponds to an awakening to the state of wonder and subtle delight that springs from the sacred space of the Heart. It opens a new path to a different spectrum of life.

The heart of mystical and artistic emotion

We all experience a diverse range of emotions that we can describe as "uplifting", such as those caused by the meaning of infinity, when we look at night, the starry sky, by contemplating a special panorama when we reach the top of a mountain, or when we remain breathless in front of a magnificent sunrise! Besides these there are also states related to art, or artistic emotions, the state of love, or overwhelming happiness, the state of longing, fervor, devotion or spiritual aspiration.

These emotions can help us to know more deeply the Spiritual Heart, and who we really are

If we reach beyond the vast infinite spectrum of these experiences, beyond the circumstances of the experience itself, and beyond the objects, we will learn that initially there is only one impulse, and that in the end, everything else is only an expression of this vibration, the extremely subtle vibration of the only sacred sound that dwells in the Spiritual Heart.


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