The Secret of Spiritual Realization

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The Secret of Spiritual Realization

The secret is

"There is no limit to bearability." – Nelson Mandela

It is, in fact, a form of continence, of self-mastery of nature

"If I want YES, if I don't want NO".

Same as with sexual continence.

A form of inner BRAKE that we need to be able to ACCELERATE inside, when needed.

Well, yes, we know that human nature is limited.

We also know that we can draw efficiency from the infinite, from our spiritual "heart",

so that we can overcome ourselves over and over and over again...

finally knowing, directly,

even the infinite Supreme, also coming from our "heart".

But many people would say:

But when it's hard for me,

when I am subjected to a very heavy test,

at a very high voltage,

it is normal to be overwhelmed

and to "let go"

because my nature is limited."

But in fact, things are NOT like that.

We are often subject to an inner tension, thanks to an inner command that we have to support.

For example - not to manifest violence or show inferior passions, or simply not to abdicate or surrender to the problem we are facing.

In these situations, there may be 3 possibilities:

1. to apply, in reality based on the essence of our being as a support, the rule that says that there is no limit of bearability

2. to be overwhelmed, to be kneeling, to cry with helplessness in the face of the request that has completely overwhelmed us, or

3. to abandon resistance, releasing tension, abandoning self-control and also performing facts that are not right.

In point 2 we thus find that what we thought at one time was the limit of bearability, is an illusory limit, that is, it is not..

And that limit can climb higher, when,

if we are again requested, applying the same rule,

we find that even that "limit" was not the real one

and that the limit - if it existed - could be even higher.

And above, and above... . and so on.

We find practically, all the time, that there is, in fact, no limit of bearability.

In this way, winning victory after victory within our being, our consciousness expands.

She knows the right and the possibility of manifesting more and more energy, higher and higher levels and more intense.

In this way we gain new possibilities, new horizons that allow us to get closer and closer to the infinite, until we identify with the Infinite.

We thus know another law of manifestation that says that

"To him that hath shall be given more, and to him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he has."

So there are only 2 authentic, correct possibilities, namely:

  • to be overwhelmed, falling "to our knees" on the redoubt of our soul (but then resuming the "fight", more prepared),
  • or to resist, applying the law "there is no limit of bearability", thus gaining new horizons and successfully completing spiritual tests.

These 2 possibilities are the spiritual possibilities, they are the ones that are correct.

In fact, we will see that by leaning on the support of our inner Self,

most often and almost always, we will live the situation characterized by the words "there is no limit of bearability."

Some people rebel.

They say: "It's not true, we're human. And because we are human, at some point it is too much for us."

And what do you do when it seems to you that it is too much for you?

These people give up self-control, they give up non-violence, they give up kindness.

They adopt, at least for a while, how much they consider themselves overwhelmed - malice, revenge, envy, lying, weakness.

It adopts impurity because they say that

"Their cup was filled,"

that they have been brought into the state."

not that they could afford it,

because I say "that was the last drop and that's it!"

They can unleash their lower passions, until then defeated not by any blockage, but by the wisdom that it is not the case that they are released.

Suddenly, however, he gives up wisdom and acts unwisely, perhaps even irrationally, and then experiences the consequences of this nefarious action.

They know the capping, not knowing the elevation and winning a new level, but on the contrary, knowing the loss of the level they had or thought they had.

Some say:

"If I apply the principle of 'there is no limit of bearability', then I will experience a growing frustration, and the inner tension will be somatized and I will get sick with so much tension."

"Bull - shit" my dear ones" !

This justification is actually an illusion.

Things really won't happen that way, and that's precisely where the big secret lies:

knowing that it is not true that there is a limit,

we will find that indeed,

amazingly or, apparently, miraculously, in fact we don't have to make a much greater effort to bear more. In fact, it is almost the same effort, or slightly greater, (not much greater), but we must be determined.

Over time, we learn the truth that in fact, it is the same effort that is actually not effort.

Namely, let us be ourselves,

let us first be centered in identification with the Self.

And then let's even be identified with ourselves on an essential level.

The essential immortal Supreme Self, called in yoga Atman.


Leo Radutz (yogacharya), founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution



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