Spring Equinox – Authentic New Year

It is the real new year, a real discontinuity or a new energetic and spiritual beginning.

It is also a cause for joy, because everything becomes more alive and we enjoy the energies of the beginning.

And this is felt by any being but especially by women, who are spontaneously more in contact with the pulse of the planet.

This event exists as such only on planet Earth and does not depend on the culture or time in which we live – right now the energies of the sun are renewing and beginning to increase their influence.

So what?

Well, it’s important because we can start something new, a new life, we can give up conformisms, harmful habits, we can start signification tapas, we can start putting – more – spirituality first in our lives.

We can decide to be better, to apply the Mahayana principles of dedicating our lives to doing good and, at the same time, to evolving to make good stronger and higher.

We can be more determined to manifest absolute, active or passive sexual continence or brahmacharia, by stopping the decadent flow of loss of vital fluid and to emphasize love in our lives as a fundamental co-ordination, before other human coordinates.

We can begin to worship more the beautiful, the miracle, life, because the whole world can be a theophany for the one who is ready to watch.

We can do meditation

“What I’ve done with my life and what I’ll do with it from now on”

to establish our errors and our powers, to make a plan about what we could do better and what we need to eliminate.

Because life is limited and it contains many spiritual opportunities to be happy, but it is limited and has its time for love, work, transformation, and meditation or sacrifice.

“Traveller, remember death, to live better and more beautiful life!”

Abheda is a Path so special and necessary that for it it is worth living and it is even worth dying if life requires it.

What can we do on the occasion of the spring equinox?

1. Let’s approach theraw-vegan diet, the vegetable juice diet or the Oshawa diet (e.g. to Christian Easter) for a while (e.g. until The Christian Easter) diet, vegetable juice diet or Oshawa diet (this only 10 days).

2. To carry out purification processes as they are known in the saucha (purity) of Abheda – Anaharin – black fasting only with water, the purification diet with citrus, Kalaka nirmukta for draining the gallbladder, Ganesha Kriya or Mula Shodana, Shank Prakshalana ssi Basti Kriya.

3. Meditation to take advantage of this moment of the beginning of the astronomical year
– to infuse this beginning with spiritual energies as deep and as high as possible,
-for a better and more spiritual start
– to enhance our regenerative and creative skills.

For example, Fundamental Meditation Anuttara.


Astronomically, the spring equinox is the moment when the Sun reaches the point of intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator, moving from the southern latitude to the northern latitude of the celestial sphere. That is why the day is then equal in duration to the night and, astronomically speaking, begins spring and year.
This moment of equilibrium symbolizes an ineffable state of harmony that makes a state of profound, powerful transformation of the outer nature, as well as a beneficial transformation of our human nature.
Everything then awakens to life and tends to surface in order to enjoy the intense and profound beneficial subtle energies of spring. After a period of “preservation in which the restrictions of winter were felt”, then especially most of the food being composed of yogis of seeds, cereals and dairy, follows,  fasting of Holy Easter which also includes this equinox moment.
Especially during this period there is a spontaneous process of special purification both in the body and in some of our subtle bodies. As a result of this phenomenon, a state of mental calm, mental balance, affective dynamism is gradually established.

Not coincidentally, especially in this period of mysterious rebirth and regeneration of nature, the mating of most animals takes place, the plants begin to sprout and, one by one, the germs of life are reborn all around us.

Man must now fully adapt to these demands of rebirth, of revival, of awakening to reality, of getting out of sleep, of stopping the process of hibernation (this stage having both a material and social meaning and a spiritual one).

In some cases, this phenomenon of maladjustment will often give rise to states of fatigue, nervousness that are often unmotivated – this aspect is generally defined by medicine as “spring asthenia”. This mysterious moment of hiatus spontaneously puts us in touch with the huge subtle energies of the beginning, with the momentum full of optimism that appears at every new beginning of life.

At the same time, this moment of effervescence makes a fascinating flowering of vitality appear. It harmoniously awakens in being virility and femininity, spurting the ecstatic experience of the mysterious tumult of spring, which makes us spontaneous, courageous, dynamic and active.

Happy birthday!

Leo Radutz

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