Full Moon in Aquarius August 12 - an authentic spiritual freedom

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Full Moon in Aquarius – August 12, 04:35 – Romania time

The Full Moon moment on Friday, August 12, 2022, at 04:35 is formed on the Leo - Aquarius axis at the degree 19'21, activating the axis II – VIII – the axis of resources and self-worth.

Since Aquarius governs the calf and the ankle joint, from a medical point of view everything you do for these areas in the 2 to 3 days of the Moon's transit in Aquarius, has a double, preventive and therapeutic effect (starting from Wednesday, August 10, 21:40 until Friday, August 12, 21:40) with exception of surgical operations in this area.

Inflammation of the veins can occur often in these days of the moon's transit through Aquarius, so it is recommended for those who have a predisposition for varicose veins to avoid standing too long in the same place. It is also beneficial to stretch with the legs held up and possibly massage them gently with a medicinal ointment of comfrey. (The Power of the Moon Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe).


that is, from Thursday, August 11, 10:35 to Friday, August 12, 22:35!

This period of influence represents the tolerance of ± 8 degrees of the aspect of opposition between the Sun and the Moon.

What is good to avoid during this period:

It is unwise to make love during the period of the nefarious influence of the Full Moon!

During the amorous act, due to the deep auric fusion and dilation between the two lovers, there is a very great possibility to take, unconsciously, the negative vibrations existing in the environment.

It has been found that those couples who do not comply with this prohibition, face more often with awkward problems and tensions, who often have no motivation, that is, exacerbate the manifestation of jealousy, possessive tendencies, claims and sometimes states of verbal, mental or even physical violence.

Tripura Sundari – Wednesday, 10 August 2022

48 hours before the astral moment of the Full Moon, the day of Tripura Sundari takes place.
It is a particularly special day, when the influence of this energy is extremely beneficial on our planet.
This month, the day of Tripura Sundari takes place on July 10, with the maximum moment at 21:37.

It's a privileged day, being called the day of universal beauty and harmony

*Tripura Sundari symbolizes the Great Cosmic Power of divine beauty, harmony and love.

It is the day when we can temper our selfish urges and ambitions by becoming aware of our true aspirations.

It is a day worth dedicating to love, art, beauty, actions full of dedication.
For those who are in a couple relationship it is a privileged moment in which they can carry out the secret maithunaprocess .

The influence of the Moon is manifested primarily on the liquids in the body, respectively on the psyche.
It is precisely for this reason that lunar symbolism is related to the subconscious, to the water, to the sensitivity, the responsiveness, the adaptability, the instinct. Surgical operations are not indicated during this period and there is an increased risk of bleeding!

During the Full Moon period most people tend towards instinctual behavior.

This drastically affects decision-making power, discernment.
It is also one of the reasons why it is not recommended to make decisions on the Full Moon.
These can be either hasty, or the result of the influence of the environment and of the different people with whom we interfere, respectively of the last events that impressed us (and are still on the "surface" in our subconscious).

Specific astrological aspects:

Friday, August 12, 04:35, Romania time marks the moment of Full Moon in Aquarius, activating the axis II – VIII – an axis of resources, goods, investments and personal value.

The appearance marks the perfect opposition between the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo at the degree 19'21.

A full Moon in Aquarius

will ask us to discover a balance

between the need for freedom and noncoformism of Aquarius and the need for imposition and domination specific to Leo.

The fixity of both signs makes this process quite difficult as compromise is not part of it:

  • nor from the agenda of Aquarius, preoccupied with preserving its absolute freedom
  • nor from the Lion's agenda, focused on its own desires, power and uniqueness.

The relational axis Leo – Aquarius

is an axis of love or affectivity, friendship and ideals.

It talks about the manifestation of talents and creativity, about achieving the balance between the love given and the love received.
Also, here we are looking for a balance between:

the desire to manifest our own creativity in our personal interest and

the desire to put ourselves in the service of a cause, of a group with which we resonate or even of a social, collective purpose.

With the Sun (our consciousness, vital force, personality) in Leo:

  • we feel the need to express our personality in an open and grand way
  • our desires and interests are strong and passionate,
  • we want to control and dominate the outside
  • we feel the need to be admired, liked, loved and recognized for who we are
Our desires are related to creativity, love, children, artistic activities, entertainment, social, vacations, financial speculations.

Our own creation is the most important thing for us, whether it is a project, a relationship, an artistic work, a hobby, a child and we want to enjoy as much as possible this "creation".

What to pay attention to with the Sun in Leo?

→ Attachment to our own creation, to our own image, to our own needs and desires

→ To the need to be seen or perceived as leaders that others must listen to

→ To the amplification of our own ego that makes us become authoritarian, egotistical and domineering.




(our subconscious, emotional energy, psyche)

in Aquarius

we will turn our attention, more or less consciously, to:

  • collectively, for the good of the community we are part of
  • our friends
  • higher principles pertaining to respect for human rights, freedom, fraternity or independence.

We will "advocate" for change and equality, for

reforming outdated mindsets or concepts, for embracing everything that is nonconformist and progressive.

We feel the need for more naturalness,

for an authentic manifestation regardless of social prejudices.

We seek to adhere to those planes or groups with which we resonate and

do not like the limitations, restrictions or abusively manifested power.

What to pay attention to with the Moon in Aquarius?

  • eccentricity
  • revolt against rules and restrictions or total refusal to receive orders or to respect the order
  • to lead to extremes the need to be different and nonconformist
  • We can attach ourselves to our own freedom or independence by becoming anarchists and incapable of adapting in society.

This full Moon in Aquarius

directs our attention to:
  • our ideals and projects for the future
  • those friends or acquaintances, even groups with whom we share the same visions and aspirations
  • those activities related to our growth and development, to put our skills, talents and creativity at the service of those projects or causes in which we truly believe.

It also urges us to be aware of the impact of our desires on others, family, group, society and others on ourselves.

We can see our projects, aspirations, dreams, desires through the eyes of others.
It is really advisable to be open to the feedback received especially if it is honest and authentic.

The scene"

that hosts this Full Moon

is axis II – VIII – so the areas of our lives where the energy of the full moon manifests are aimed at the financial sector, goods, resources, investments, personal value, intimate aspect.

Everything that is not harmonious and balanced in the way we manage our resources, any imbalance that targets the balance of income – expenses, my resources versus your resources or in which we impose our desires or needs on the other will tend to come to the surface

Anything, conviction, person, project that we tend to attach ourselves to, ignoring the fact that change is the only constant of our lives, will tend to hinder the process of elimination and transformation.

This full Moon in Aquarius in the VIII house

will show us where:

  • the "illusion of control" is great
  • we need to let things flow in the right direction
  • we need to transform what is no longer useful to us no matter how uncomfortable it may seem.

House VIII is a psychic house,

→ she generally talks about what the "feeling of power" offers, whether it is financial, sentimental, sexual, spiritual
it is the place where we feel deeply committed and devoted, whether we are talking about a relationship, a mental conviction, our own business
here are all kinds of secrets, obsessions, fears, desires for manipulation, from the desire to keep control over the situation, a control that we will have to give up replacing it with understanding and detachment.

The lesson of this moment

is that the real power lies in letting go of exactly those things, relationships, beliefs that we have attached ourselves to,

as they fed us the false feeling of power, only then can we be free and truly strong.

Saturn is conjunct with this full Moon in Aquarius

It will generate a sense of distance, seriousness, pessimism, worry in the way we manifest our emotions.
We may feel restricted or limited on various levels or provoked by situations that we cannot change.
These restrictions are felt predominantly from an emotional point of view, creating feelings of rejection, affective colds, depression, refusal.

It is important not to let ourselves be prey to these feelings but to manage the situation with maturity and commitment,

with a self-discipline to help us keep our lucidity and discernment, but especially direction. Opening our soul to others will bring us support and help.

Uranus and the North Node form a square in T with the Full Moon in Aquarius
It's a tense aspect
that puts us face to face with those unpredictable changes that we did not expect, forcing a reorientation.
They are related to the collective environment or context, to certain projects or plans that we have, to a friendship or a certain cause.

What helps us is to have a more flexible approach and to think outside the box so that we can turn the challenge into an opportunity.

The road we have never walked may now be the road we are "forced" to walk, but it may offer us completely different perspectives than we would have expected.
It is important not to be afraid of change , but also not to try to impose it at any cost.
The approach must be methodical, well thought out, assumed, attentive to every step we take.

In conclusion,

the message for this Full Moon in Aquarius is a message of freedom. It is an authentic, spiritual freedom that we can access only when we let go of everything that kept us attached.
When we accept transformation with maturity, we know that it will eliminate everything that is not an opportunity for growth for us.
We understand that true freedom is lived when we do not feel separated from others but when we are one with each other, when we support, help, collaborate, when we cultivate love for people and for God's creation.

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