Either way, it’s between you and God

Anyway it is between you and God
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Either way it’s between you and God!

People are often misunderstood, irrational, and selfish.
Forgive them, anyway.

If you are good, people will accuse you of selfishness and hidden intentions.
Be kind, anyway.

If you are successful, you can win false friends and real enemies.
Look for success, anyway.

If you are honest and honest, people can deceive you.
Be honest and honest, anyway.

What you build in years, others can tear down one day.
Build, anyway.

If you find peace and happiness, people can be jealous.
Be happy, anyway.

Give the world your best and maybe it will never be enough.
Give the world your best, anyway.

After all it’s between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway.


People see us as they want, God sees us as we are.
Either way, it’s between us and God!
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