The model of the perfect citizen

What does the state mean by model citizen

And how should it be, really?

There is a true authentic pattern of the model citizen,

who knows and feels good and follows it regardless of influences

And there is a model that society wants and considers convenient.

What’s the difference?

In a society governed by interest,

The system of interest formation also generates effects.

Leading people have an interest in the “ordinary” being one way

and the interest of man who is not part of the ruling class is another.

This difference causes society to go in the wrong direction, anti-human,

not for the development of the individual, nor for the real development of society

but only to produce predictable advantages to the elect.

Or, the interest of those elected is, first of all, to be re-elected in 4 or 5 years

And that greatly changes the kind of citizen they want.

They need a citizen to elect them

and accept or at least bear their decisions,

not one who is happy.

Then they will do whatever it takes to generate such a citizen,

imposing this as a new “normal.”

The effects can be seen even today,

in developed countries such as USA, France, Belgium, etc.


A receptive, obedient citizen,

a good consumer that sustains the economy,

who does not question seemingly contradictory directions and decisions

and which are often contrary to his own interests.

Moreover, it is good for him not to be educated,

not have a knowledge of how the world works,

Because then he might understand and judge that certain decisions don’t help him.

In addition, from an economic point of view,

This ideal citizen is the one who, in order to sustain the economy

through a consumerist mentality,

through compulsive shopping,

who has all kinds of vices, who drinks, smokes,

who consume drugs and anything taxable by excise.


The “religion” of comfort

At a higher level, the ideal citizen must be a comfort-hungry citizen.

as if this were actually his religion.

Let it be the fundamental value of its existence.

This also implies the absence of any other religion or other fundamental values.

that would contradict the direction of one’s own comfort.

Thus, it promotes the idea that what I like is good,

thus creating the necessary space for comfort,

Man’s consciousness has fallen asleep

and is “guided” by those who want to be elected.

Comfort means “let it be good for me” and evil,

When you have this “religion” of comfort,

It’s “lest I’m not well anymore.”

Love, selflessness, sacrifice for a higher cause are thus disavowed and each pursues, like a good “animal”, his own comfort.


What a perfect citizen should actually be like

In my opinion, the model of the perfect citizen is not a story.

In reality, we can at least intuit the presence of an authentic model,

which, although increasingly rare, is also increasingly valuable.

It is defined by the presence of spiritual qualities or virtues in its being,

qualities such as courage,

trust in the Universal Good,

achieving power,


sacrificial capacity in the name of an ideal,


sense of what is right,

humility, in the case of men,

the power to be a pillar of the family,

in the case of women, the power to inspire in the struggle for true purpose,

and so on.


It’s true that these models were in the past and it doesn’t seem to mean much.

heroes and models such as Stefan cel Mare, Mihai Viteazul and others are familiar to us since childhood.

Even if we know, we must do something about it.

It is up to us to be the example for those around us,

and especially if we are dissatisfied with others,

It is important to apply the principle

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


Cristi Stoicescu


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