How do we know that a master or spiritual school is “not okay”?

Just as Jesus said that many “false prophets” would appear during the apocalypse,

At this delicate time of humanity, there are many schools and a lot of false information.

Spiritual truth is much more accessible than it used to be.
But it becomes inaccessible due to the abundance of “flames and smoke” in the media and the internet.

So how do we recognize a false or weak school?


We carefully and discerningly assess whether

– it is a deeply dualistic teaching, insisting that the major fulfillment of man is achieved through something external – money, fame, family, couple relationships, career, psychedelics, religious organizations and others;

– they do not emphasize transcending the ego and cultivating humility, but even rely on ego values to attract disciples;

It suggests that you “love yourself” by increasing comfort and ego, deliberately confusing one’s own acceptance of boundaries with love, and making people forget that love also means sacrifice when necessary.

– deliberately confuses energy or intense states obtained by various means with spirituality;
in this way they mislead the authentic seeker because energy and spirit or consciousness are totally different things and the increase in energy does not necessarily bring the growth of spirituality;
Usually, Luciferian groups resort to this confusion, because they find the energy neutral and that it could be used with the current level of consciousness, whatever it may be;

– they have a common message, in the sense of everyone’s primary meaning, and they do not assume authentic messages that are unpopular, either because they do not know, or because they want to confuse, or because they just want an easily accessible image;

– “steals” spiritual information from books, the Internet or hearsay; plagiarism without remorse;
And when deeper explanations are needed, they say, “We’ll talk about that later.”

– explanations of techniques are “by ear”, rudimentary, simple and wrong, as if it were not important to execute them correctly;

– apply notorious spiritual principles mechanically, not possessing an authentic knowledge that would allow them to detail exceptions or adapt those principles to the state of affairs facing our lives;

– do not emphasize spiritual transformation as a continuous process, and

(to have as many disciples as possible)

deludes man that if he has heard and understood some theoretical explanation in a conference, seminar or sermon, this would be enough to possess that ability;

– does not cultivate skills obtained through personal practice, but through a “gift” from a teacher or entity on the subtle planes;

– does not cultivate spiritual skills verified by feedback and sustained practice,
but deludes the pupil that if he has paid the investiture fee, he already has certain aptitude corresponding to that “degree”;

– insists in various ways that life is destined in a certain way,

family connections

and astrological or genetic influences,

without emphasizing or even not knowing how to achieve true spiritual freedom and true control over the outer and outer universe through spiritual transformation;

– they “show off” as people with paranormal powers, masking the lack of achievement in yoga with alleged paranormal powers that give banal explanations;
usually evokes childhood traumas, problems in the relationship with parents, alleged evil entities or curses, alleged visions in our aura;

– manifests the Luciferian principle “the end justifies the means”;

– consider that there is no universal Good but only the desires of each person that are justified and correct anyway (in their view);

– promotes the lack of spiritual virtues,

considers attachment, impurity, lack of restraint – or sexual continence – and violence, lying, accumulation of wealth or stealing as something good and beneficial;

– money matters a lot in such a spiritual school and the interest of the organizers is obviously mercantile;

– I do more meditations for “abundance” than for spirituality, freedom, wisdom and others;

– sometimes offers good methods but do not lead to spiritual realization,

but only to pleasant powers or skills, sometimes necessary to make our lives easier

but without leading us to the development of the infinite potential within us

or even offer unnecessary methods;

– the master and the organizers or some of them hardly practice what they teach;

– the master and organizers are arrogant and lie to have an attractive image;

– master and organizers use vulgar words under the justification that “this is more natural”;

– do not shy away from performing actions that unjustifiably violate the free will of some people

or practice various methods of black magic, voodoo and the like

– do not have older students with significant results of spiritual transformation;

– I appeal to an invented esotericism, supposedly – of a people long gone
(for example, ancient Egypt) because there is no member of that people who contradicts any statement, however fanciful;

– avoid methods that can really awaken the student’s spirit, because then different views on the principles of that path will appear (avoid, for example, hesychast meditation);

– do not know or, if they do, do not apply the concept of humility at all – Vinaya Mudra;

– in the case of tantric ways, I do not emphasize primarily freedom and detachment from the object of desire;

– in the case of tantric paths they emphasize only amorous pleasure and do not emphasize love, divination, sexual continence;

– in the case of tantric pathways, it suggests uninhibited sexuality, but with superficiality and lack of responsibility in relationships;

– say that men are more valuable or stronger than women

or that women are more valuable or powerful than men;

– Cultivate the Luciferian trap idea “may it be good for me”

Instead of “I have to transcend my limitations, even though it might be hard for me”;

– avoid referring to God or, especially, to divine avatars (for example, Jesus Christ) or referring to angels.




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Acharya Leo Radutz,

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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