Thrive I and II (THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?) – Documentary film

thriveThe latest unconventional documentary,
THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?
, creation of foster and kimberly gamble spouses, the fruit of over 8 years of interviews and researches, turns out to be a synthesis film, extremely well realized, in a deeply optimistic manner and with impeccable graphics, which takes us naturally among avant-garde scientific inventions, studies of consciousness, geometric structure of the texture of the Universe, aikido and activism, manifested in the current political climate, characterized by the global consolidation of the power of the financial elite and of the paranoid control exercised over any aspect of our lives, raising our morale shaken by the disclosure of the cruel realities of society, by presenting realistic solutions and bold strategies for the peaceful overthrow of the balance of power, empowering the human being with the right to recover its future and to rebalance its existence, in resonance with the universal tendency towards prosperity of the living world!

Prosper Part I

Prosper Part II

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