Shaving therapy – a natural medicine, and without side effects!

It is scientifically worthy of numerous studies that smile and laughter have beneficial effects on the human body. Psychologists recommend even at least a quarter of an hour of shaving a day. Although laughter therapy or “rasotherapy” is not officially recognized, it is part of our daily life, when we enjoy a beautiful morning, we amuse ourselves at hearing a good joke, we fill our hearts with joy when we meet with our loved one and we smile at him, or after we have performed our daily yoga practice and we feel great!

It has been found that people who smile more often, and have a contagious cheerful disposition, have a higher level of endorphins secretion.

Endorphins are neurhormones produced by the pituitary glade and by the hypothalamus in order to counteract on the one hand, the effects of stress di of pain (acting similarly to morphine, but without giving addiction) and on the other hand to induce a state of relaxation or euphoria of the body, to strengthen the immune system, helping in the learning process or to release sex hormones.

The production of endorphins is increased when we do regular physical activities, when we consume certain foods (such as the stump), when we make love, when we receive or offer touch in the form of massage or listen to our favorite music, when we practice yoga and meditation, and last but not least, when we smile or laugh as noisily as possible!

Laughter therapy is generally the prerogative of Asians, however, the first groups of laughter therapy appeared in India in the mid-90s, being discovered by Dr. Madan Kataria, who developed this practice and made it known through his book “Let’s laugh without any reason”

Later it became known as
Yoga by laughter
which consists of prolonged and voluntary practice of laughter. Yoga through laughter is based on the belief that a voluntary laughter produces the same psychological and physiological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Shaving yoga is practiced in a group, having eye contact with the other participants and a playful attitude. After at first, laughter will be forced to occur, over a certain time he becomes contagious. This type of yoga does not include humor or comedy, it is based only by voluntarily inducing laughter.

Now this therapy is also used in the West, and now it is in great fashion in the United States and in Europe.

What to do during a shaving therapy session? The students, about 20 in number, are helped that by using certain respiratory exercises, and certain relaxation techniques, to rediscover the benefits of spontaneous laughter. The therapy sessions last 30 minutes, during which no jokes are told, as we might think, but laughter is practiced like any other exercise in movement.

The benefits of shaving therapy still need research to be proven. A recent study, conducted by the University of Graz (Austria), reveals that shaving is a good treatment for patients who have suffered a stroke. This method helped them recover faster by lowering the blood pressure. Shaving therapy was applied to the group of subjects for six weeks, after this interval the patients mentioned that they felt less stressed.
Researchers at Stanford University (California) have shown that laughter acts as a “drug” because it activates the same nerve centers as cocaine, money or an attractive face. This study will help identify new treatments against depression and various forms of addiction. Laughter has proven beneficial effects in treating countless diseases, the patients being more receptive and optimistic and, therefore, they responded better to the treatment.

A healthy laughter can do real wonders:

  • Stimulates the immune system;
  • Stimulates the precession of elimination of toxins accumulated in the body;
  • Relaxes certain parts of the body: face, neck, chest, abdomen, arms, legs;
  • Eliminates nervous tension and decreases the level of aggressiveness;
  • Eases digestion by abdominal contractions;
  • Improves oxygen circulation in the body, decalsing good mood;
  • It is equivalent to an inner massage that tones the organs and stimulates their functions;

If we have not yet managed to convince you what are the benefits of a laughter, we suggest you try during a whole day the following strategies to be as well disposed as possible:

  • Propose that every night you relax, reading a funny book, or watching a comedy;
  • Smile as often as possible during a day, even if it does not always come to us; do not hesitate to burst into laughter, even if sometimes it seems misplaced to us. The benefits for our health will outweigh the suppleness of enduring the ironic glances of those around us;
  • Try to tell pleasant things, funny little happenings spent in your life, when you meet with friends or family. Communicate serious or serious things only when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Do not fall asleep sad or depressed, try to think about a happy moment and delve into your sleep, keeping it in mind!
  • And don’t forget, you are more beautiful when you smile!

In the clip below you can see an example of a Laughter Yoga session! .)

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