Oshawa Regimen 7 – How do we preserve the effects?

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Oshawa regime 7

It is the most severe, but also the most effective of the regimens indicated by the Japanese dr. George Ohsawa (known very much by the wrong name, actually by Oshawa), but it has a maximum effectiveness in all diseases produced by excess yin energy.
It also allows a quick balancing of the being from an energetic point of view (yin – yang), having perhaps the best efficiency / time ratio of the known methods.

It can also be understood as an effective tapas that can be oriented towards a transcendence of a certain limitation.


How to preserve the effects?

Most likely from the 3-4 day of the regimen we begin to feel the effects, which become stronger and stronger over the next days of the regimen.

In order to be able to stay with them, it is advisable to gradually return to the usual diet, and in certain cases, not to return to the old unhealthy habits.
There are also people who do not need a special return from the regime, but before we fall into this category, it is good to be cautious, especially if we have held oshawa for the first time7.

The return is recommended to be made during 1-3 days as follows:

  1. We continue to consume the cereals from the diet and introduce in the diet first thermally prepared vegetables
  2. From the second or third day we can also consume raw vegetables and fruits.
  3. Eating foods with high protein content can force the liver. That is why it is recommended to introduce dairy products, eggs or legumes after at least 2 days from the end of the regimen.
  4. It is also necessary to pay attention to fats, introducing them little by little. 10 days the body was deprived of them, and the sudden consumption of an ordinary amount of fat can cause biliary crises.
  5. Pay attention to foods with a high glycemic index. Sweets are good to be introduced a little bit into the diet, if we want them.

It’s a good time to start making healthier choices:

-> we replace the classic sweets with sugar, with fruits or sweets sweetened with honey, coconut nectar, dates,
-> we give up the consumption of alcohol, coffee, tobacco, which have only harmful effects on the being,
-> we completely give up eating meat,
-> we reduce the amount of pasteurized dairy consumed,
-> we choose natural foods, not ultraprocessed ones that also contain preservatives, flavor enhancers or additives,
-> we reduce the consumption of fast food.


Following the Oshawa 7 regime, there is a reset of tastes. We can feel the need to put less salt or sugar in the food, finding that people usually consume food with a very strong taste, the taste buds being less and less sensitive because of the flavors.

So healthy food choices will be much more affordable,
but we must be careful not to give in to the cravings of the moment
and to maintain the control and mental clarity acquired during the regimen.


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