What are the benefits of Yoga practice?

ten_yoga_asanas_for_everyday_health_troubles_600x450It is known that Yoga is a millenary spiritual practice that has come to us over the ages through the yogis masters, from a country with a long culture and tradition in spirituality – India.

There are several types of yoga, but the purpose of any type of yoga is to awaken spiritually, to unite with the supreme consciousness.

The most complex form of yoga is Raja Yoga, or Royal Yoga. The practice of Raja Yoga begins with Hatha Yoga, which offers the body a very good health and a special vitality.

Hatha Yoga is fundamental for good physical health, it is based on balancing the fundamental polarities of being, solar energies, yang (+) with the lunar yin (-). Literally the word Hatha comes from the joining of the syllables: Ham which means Sun and Tam which means Moon, in Sanskrit, and denotes the dualistic aspect of existence (light-dark, feminine-masculine, receptive – emissive). By practicing Hatha Yova we will be able to transcend this duality, because ultimately Yoga means union with the divine within us and the fruits of this union are peace, pure joy and freedom from suffering

Hatha Yoga pursues a perfect mastery of the body and senses, by practicing certain postures or asanas, as well as a fullest control over the vital and sexual energies.


Regarding Hatha Yoga, Swami Vivekananda said:

“For the one who practices with consistency Hatha Yoga is a true divine gift that favors success in all directions. The body, psyche and mental are instruments that the practice of the Hatha Yoga system allows us to keep healthy strong and full of Energy”.
Most of the benefits of yoga are manifested on a physical and mental level. The aging process can be slowed down by practicing yoga. Yoga works all the mushii of the body, and at the same time strengthens muscle mass and increases vitality.

We offer below, only a small part of the real, scientifically verified benefits obtained through the yoga practice:

increases flexibility, increasing the degree of mobility of joints and muscles;

– minimizes muscle tension, the pain associated with it and relaxes all muscles;

– improves the energy level of the body, by learning the ideal way to relax;

– Reduces the level of stress and improves cardiovascular and pulmonary function;

– normalizes endocrine and gastrointestinal functions, also induces a restful sleep, and improves the immune system, stabilizing it within normal limits;

sarvangasanaThe biochemical benefits of yoga are:
lowering the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and increasing the level of “good” HDL cholesterol, increasing hemoglobin, lowering blood glucose, increasing the number of lymphocytes (which support the immune system), increasing the amount of thyroxine (regulates thyroid function) and decreasing the amount of sodium in the body, favoring kidney function.

Yoga also has an effect on the human psyche, reducing nxiety and depression;

memory and learning capacities become better;

Social skills, well-being and self-esteem increase.

– concentration, attention and control over emotional states improve;

Among the psychic benefits brought by yoga is
the mental calm
that is obtained, following the intense focus on the position of the body. Yoga also familiarizes us with meditation techniques, such as focusing attention on breathing and moving away from any thoughts, which helps to relax and calm.

The emphasis that yoga puts on when performing the exercise also helps to reduce stress as we learn to focus more and more on the present moment and on the awareness of our own body and the effects produced after performing asanas.

By practicing yoga regularly, we will have the opportunity to live our lives to its fullest potential! It all depends only on us, and on how much we want to have a flourishing health and an enviable inner balance! So, practice yoga and you will be happy!

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