Savasana, a posture with amazing health benefits

or corpse posture (sava in translation from Sanskrit means corpse and asana means posture), is the posture with which the cycle of asanas in hatha yoga ends. It is intended for the relaxation of the body and mind, as well as the harmonious integration of the subtle energies that have been set in motion throughout the entire session of asanas.

This asana should be performed on a hard surface, preferably on the ground, on the yoga mat, with the legs parallel or slightly apart, and the hands beside the body with the palms up. We imagine that our limbs become very relaxed and increasingly heavy, breathing becomes slower and more shallow, and we begin to gradually relax from the soles to the top. We start from the left side to the right side and from the bottom to the top of the body, relaxing in turn the body segments and internal organs. We aim to become more and more peaceful and relaxed as we abandon our body to the ground, and our mind is empty of thoughts. For an optimal effect, durata these postures can be approximately 10 – 20 minutes,

A regular practice of this asana, which can also be done when we feel tense or unable to fall asleep, will help us eliminate muscle tensions and help us get rid of headaches, insomnia and anxiety.

A recent study done on a group of students from a university in the United States who were practicing yoga and specifically Savasana, showed that after 3 months of practice, positive effects on the following physiological variables appeared – lung capacity, blood pressure and pulse rate, which demonstrates the direct effect on the sympathetic nervous system.

According to the Journal of Management Research, Savasana hasthe following benefits:

  • lowers blood pressure,

  • reduces insomnia,

  • reduces anxiety,

  • diminishes muscle tension,

  • increases energy levels,

  • improves memory,

  • increase focus and concentration,

  • stimulates blood circulation,

  • reduction of headaches, migraines and fatigue

  • improve the quality of sleep.

Other beneficial effects of fasting are thebrushing and refreshing of the mind, as well as having rejuvenating effects on the mind and body.

Among the conditions that can be improved by practicing this asana are: asthma, diabetes, indigestions, constipation, and lumbago.

Savasana gives us access to a deeper meditative state that helps the cells and tissues of the body to recover faster and is one of the most indicated postures in the fight against stress, the most feared enemy of health in today’s society.

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