10 about how we recognize those who practice Abheda Yoga

People who practice Abheda Yoga are seemingly normal people, but who have come to know themselves much better and are at peace with their own lives, determined to transform and help others in their way.

Yoga gives those who practice it a great dose of wisdom, of depth and last but not least, of happiness.
We would not exaggerate if we said that the common denominator of these people is the authentic and natural acceptance of all the challenges of life.

So, how do we recognize those who practice ABHEDA YOGA?

  1. People who practice ABHEDA YOGA have a much better health than ordinary
    they have a strong immune system and are protected from many of the diseases that manifest themselves in society.

Many diseases can be cured and relieved through ABHEDA YOGA and the nutrition stings, the energetic, mental and emotional balance removes the prospect of disease suffering.

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