Why would Halloween be bad?


“I am glad that Christian parents
They let their children worship the devil
at least one night of the year.
Welcome to Halloween.”
Anton LaVey, founder of the worldwide Satanist Church.

Europe took the holiday from the Americans in this form,

But we are told that its roots are European.

It’s about the story of Halloween night,

which would be a celebration of Celtic origin.
We believe that the Celts would “twist in the grave”

knowing what their holiday is associated with now

and what is attributed to them.


What’s wrong with Halloween?

Community or traditional customs,

have always sought to support

humanity, the aspiration to heroism, to goodness, to love and family,

to be a good man, to provide models

and help associate love, family, and purity of childhood

with the aspiration to be a good man.

It’s never long enough to talk

about choosing to do good, especially to children, and helping them choose,

when they have the opportunity, the good, the beautiful, the refined, compassion or love.


For decades it has been cultivated with major funds and intentions by many NGOs, corporations

And even by the Ministry of Education a strange, fabricated custom that is said to have Celtic roots.

Our heroes should be bright, oriented to achieve good without compromise, as essential role models.

On Halloween antiheroes, vampires, demons, they are heroes and models and people no longer notice the difference or mistake.

Instead of the bright beliefs and aspirations of the Celts we find the cultivation of ugliness, fear, horror, the cultivation of what is repulsive, impure,

What do you think are preparing as Haloween tools?

Candy with the taste and aroma of vomit or earwax, “bombs” with the smell of flatulence or with an awful smell, horror costumes, skulls, mice and repulsive toy cockroaches, monster masks, costumes of black magicians or not (but which magic is really white?).

What a difference from beautiful jokes,

pleasant surprises, wonderful gifts for Christmas or Easter,

kindness as a goal and model.

Striving for good

requires self-sacrifice


And it must be learned, transmitted, desired.

Halloween doesn’t convey that, but just the opposite,

associating these impure aspects mentioned above

with childhood, family, caroling, socializing and acceptance.

How else would it have ever been effective

This Satanic Action

What if he didn’t?

The custom of Halloween costumes has deep roots in history, starting from the ancient Celts tormented by the winter frost, to the English who believed that on the night when the gates of the lifeless open, they can only go out of the house in costumes to scare away ghosts.

As if ghosts are scared of ugly ones like them (!).

Obviously, if you wanted to banish so-called ghosts,

You should act with values opposite to them:

beauty, love, courage, humility, possibly with some prayers, harmonious songs…

The method proposed by this so-called holiday

It doesn’t seem to scare ghosts

but to create other ghosts – this time real,

namely – our children…

So, we’re told that would be a good thing.
So what’s the problem?

Well, as you know, this holiday is at home in America, where the Celts didn’t really go to implement it.

How, then, did He revive in the New World?
Well, it was created artificially.

It is a “holiday” that cultivates in the little ones the ugly, violent, fearful, terrible and horror, as if they were something cool… associating it with the scent of home life…

Because it’s not possible to adore ugliness, because ugly isn’t beautiful, but you can fool people by telling them that ugly or bad is cute, expensive, cool, fashionable, more “worldly” or “goosebumps”, etc., or impose it as a form of “culture.” If it appears on television, there are many people, money, lights, gifts, seemingly serious characters taking it very seriously and others can give in the eyes of ordinary people the appearance of value or legitimacy.

Through Halloween, poor naïve people have come to impregnate the child from an early age with the tendency or aspiration towards ugly and evil, towards an incredible apparent value, brightness or a so-called natural of ugly and evil (which, in fact, is not natural).

It was possible to create a celebration of angels, for example, or carols, with poems of love, of outlaw (!), about bravery, kindness, beauty or others….

The child transfigures himself into an evil, fierce, “dangerous” character, when it would have been much better to imagine himself to be an angel, a hero from fairy tales, a voivode or a social or spiritual hero.

They would… These things have been made to seem too holy for our daily lives.

For the initiated, this halloween is nothing more than instilling aspirations towards the demoniac or worse, towards the satanic and cultivating thought forms that, in the astral, create resonances with evil and ugly. Thus, inferior resonances are introduced into the collective and individual aura, preparing the ground so that, in the authentic tests of life, man is inclined to make decisions according to these lower points in the predominant resonances of his being.

Leo Radutz, AdAnima Academic Society for Transformation and Self-Knowledge
Bucharest, Nov 2, 2007

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