11 Important Things About Kundalini in Abheda Yoga - The Way of the Heart

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1. Kundalini energy has its Source in Muladhara – the root center and it fuels all vital processes and all our experiences, giving them INTENSITY.

2. It is of a feminine nature, regardless of whether we are male or female, it is infinite and uncreated, manifesting itself as a "spring" in our body and it thus exists even if we ignore it or not we want it (for various reasons, in general – unjustified)

3. Its awakening means its manifestation with a huge intensity, which is certainly an exceptional inner experience. How does he wake up? Through birth, through some accidents (falls on the back, for example), through some very strong emotions or, especially, through certain exercises in Yoga.

4. What is done with it? It is erected, by various methods, on the subtle central channel of the column and it will energize each center encountered, until it reaches the Sahasrara, "the center with a thousand petals", the spiritual center of the the being, at the level of which we will feel everything with a very high intensity – even infinite, at some point. It offers as follows:

- altered states of consciousness,
- higher consciousness,
- states of spontaneous trance, and
- mystical experiences,
- enlightenment experiences,
- direct knowledge of a larger reality,
- transcendent consciousness.

5. It is not wise to awaken this huge energy without having at hand a qualified guidance from a spiritual Master we trust; there are few people in the world who can authentically offer such guidance to avoid the DANGERS of such an event and to enjoy only the advantages it offers us.



6. The manifestation of the Kundalini Energy can generate certain kriyas or movements seemingly more difficult to control and the person may seem unusual, but these kriyas are fleeting, they are increasingly easier to control and we can avoid their manifestation – if we wish.

7. It is possible that after kundalini awakening to greatly reduce the real need for sleep, to have much more work power or to achieve anything, in no matter what direction.

8. Psychic experiences, extrasensory perceptions, extracorporeal experiences, memories of past lives, astral journeys, direct awareness of auras and chakras, telepathic contact with spiritual guides through inner voices, dreams or visions may occur. In the case of certain people, increased creativity, new capabilities and aspirations may arise in self-expression and communication through science, music, art and poetry and sport. Whether they knew it or not, many saints, artists, scientists or athletes experienced special states and had exceptional achievements due to the awakened (even in an unconscious) and ascended Kundalini energy.

9. People who have this fundamental energy awakened is likely to manifest an overflowing erotic energy and a new perspective and understanding on this side of the human being. The awakening of the Kundalini energy is likely to be lost if perfect sexual continence is not maintained, if we use our possibilities by doing harm, neglecting the feelings and sufferings of other beings or violating nonviolence.

10. What is the greatest danger in case of kundalini awakening? To interrupt the heart connection but also the concrete one with the Way and with the Master. In this situation there is a danger of spiritual regression because it is as if an operation leaves the operating table without the operation being completed.

11. The Supreme Master of Kundalini is the Supreme Self Atman or Shiva of sahasrara and partially our living soul. THE EGO IS NOT.


Leo Radutz

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