“Love the Supreme Being in your heart and do all things for His sake” – spiritual testimonies

I want to share with you an experience lived this week that helped me relate more easily to God in my heart… and I hope it will help you too.
I think some of you have already gone through situations that seemed hopeless, moments when you have the impression that you are doing everything for nothing and you feel helpless, as if God no longer wants to “look” at least. That kind of experience I had, and the main feeling was that of loneliness. I tried to do asanas and I didn’t feel much, to listen to soothing music… nothing… and the state is amplified… to the point where I was crying like a forsaken child…

After an hour of crying and pleading to God to me “take out” from that state, I thought that if nothing works anyway and because I was not able to do even homework at school or read, I sat on the bed and decided to meditate. In meditation, which although it was not too intense or profound, the
“saving idea”
ransoming through my mind.
“the mistake you made was that you no longer did things for God’s sake.”
And then I realized that’s right … I started to keep wanting to get something from the efforts I make…. and the period when I went very well to yoga was when I came to class and practiced only because after that I felt peace …

I started crying again, but this time for joy…
What I hadn’t realized was that I was not the one who had been forsaken, but I had forsaken Him.
And now, if someone were to ask me what lesson I learned in yoga, I think is important, I would say
to him, “Love the Supreme Being in your heart and do all things for Her sake.”

We don’t have anything precious in this world… the only “crutch” that sustains us and helps us not to realm through life is God.


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