20 stanzas about the supreme spiritual teaching (Mahopadeshavimshatika)

Thank you, Lord, for your body is the whole universe
And your being transcends all worlds,
To you, the light of eternal joy.
To my self, encompassing endless energies and forces.

Thank you, Lord, where you are, and I am me.
Where only You exist, and I’m not.
Where neither I am, but neither are you.
Thank you, Lord, there!

I’ve always sought you, full of longing, inside my body
Like “You” or “My Self.”
But what I find when I find neither you nor me,
What I’m thinking then, it’s you!

When I contemplated you in the form of my Self, I, your worshiper
I have already obtained your form –
Thank you, yes!

Saying “You have to do this” is just a way of talking,
For he who is in his Self has already become one with You.
Why would he resorb, Lord, into you and where or where else he could do it?

Even saying “I am You, You are me” is not the ultimate truth,
For separation from You never existed.
Such a state of separation deceives the desire to obtain enlightenment.

Words like “i, you, him, her” have no place in You
And even less so, the objective outside world.

Who has tasted only once with the satiness of the beatific nectar of Your Love,
He will no longer talk about differentiations, even avoid asserting:
Everything is One, overflowing with absolute peace.” (a well-known Vedic verse)

When You reveal your true essence
It’s you, it’s me, you’re the whole world.
But when the manifestation was completely resorbed
It’s not you, it’s not me, there’s nothing left in this whole world.

You appear by your own will
Just like an actor who assumes different roles as if he were a part of them,
Like waking, dreaming or deep sleep.
But in reality, you’re never fragmented.

When you’re awake, the whole world is awake.
When you sleep, it dissolves into your superconscious sleep.
Thus, the entire universe manifested and unmanifested
There’s one with you.

The tongue gets tired of praising your name,
Thinking gets tired of meditating on you.
How to meditate on the Shapeless One
And what could it be called the Unattributed One?

How could it be invoked for adoration the Perfect
And how could a sacred place be offered to the One who is everywhere?
How could the feet of the Most Clean wash him?
How could He be given water to rinse his mouth?

How to Wash the Unblemished
And how do you dress the One whose body is the entire universe?
How to give perfumes to the untouchable
And how do you adorn the beauty?

How can you tie the holy string of the Brahmans to the unchained
And how to give flowers to the one who transcends the smell?
How can you burn incense for the One who transcends the breath
And how to burn oil in lamps for the One who transcends sight?

How to give the Eternal One satisfied offerings of food
And how to give betel to the Omnipresent One?
How to go on a pilgrimage around the endless
And how can you worship the One and the Second?

How to bring the offering of light to the Supreme who shines eternally in His Self
And how do you sing a Vedic hymn to the Unknown?

How can you free Him from the ritual
The One who is both inside and outside perfect?
How can you give offerings to the One
What is everywhere present, lacking any differentiation?

How can you give the perfect one any reward
And how can you give water to the eternally fulfilled?
How can you free the One who penetrates all things?
How could the unseen perform the ritual of forgiveness?

God’s supreme adoration can be achieved
In all states only as follows:
When your consciousness is united with Him (God)
To abandon all your thoughts of God, the Absolute Master of all manifestation,

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