The 12 Principles of Destiny

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1. The great principle

You get what you give, you reap what you sow... the others are what you are with them... what happens to you is a consequence of what you did at some point. The great law is also called the Law of Cause and Effect and is a law that is not at all foreign to us. You want love in your life? Maybe Quiet? Do you want Happiness? You want to have real friends around you? Be love. Quiet. Happiness. Be a true friend.

2. Principle of Creation

Creation is the most wonderful thing in the world. Life itself is a miracle. A wonder of creation, of the universe. It's impossible for her to ask us to stay away. The universe is us. We're a small, small part of it, we're one and the same. Life was given to us to PARTICIPATE and IMPLEMENT in it. What is around and outside us is a manifestation of what is happening inside us. the moment we are, and that's it, inside, outside, we surround ourselves with those things that we need. Make sure that around or is really what you want to be present. Surround yourself with what you want to be in your life. We are part of creation and we create in turn.

3. Principle of Smerenia

The more resistance you resist, the more that thing will last and will persist to happen to you. Attitude is everything. Even if you stubbornly refuse to accept something, that will never stop happening to you and it will happen again in your life. Acceptance, however, opens up many doors, solutions and possibilities.

4. The Principle of Growth

Sometimes we want and say that everything would change in our lives if the circumstances, the people, the place were different, otherwise, maybe even another. We rarely question that maybe we should be different, otherwise. Growth and evolution begin with us. the moment we change ourselves, from within, and think better, more beautifully, our life will begin to turn into better, more beautiful.

5. Principle of Mirrors (Sacred Principle of Responsibility)

Accept a universally valid truth: you are responsible for what happens to you. You bear responsibility for your life and what happens in your life. You, first of all. You before the others. Reflecting what surrounds you and what surrounds you reflects you. You're a mirror of others. The others are your mirror. The environment you're in mirrors you, just like you mirror him. And the moment something goes wrong in your life, think that maybe something goes wrong inside you.

6. Principle of Synchronicity (Principle of Connection)

When you do a thing it doesn't make it totally out of context or thinking it's meaningless. Everything is connected in this universe. We don't just change or evolve ourselves, other people, beings, things around us evolve simultaneously. Everything is a well-welded unit even if we do not realize it. Everything is synchronous and happens without us knowing. and all things intertwine. The universe itself is connected and each thing takes us closer to another.

7. The Sacred Principle of Directorate and Reasons

When you climb a ladder and you want to get somewhere, your steps, one by one, lead to the same target. None is more important or less important than the other, they're all important. Each takes you to the other and so on.

8 Sacred Principle of Availability

The moment you believe strongly and wholeheartedly into something and you think it's authentic, true, sooner or later, at some point in time, you're going to have to prove and prove that truth. Sooner or later, you will be asked to put into practice everything you have learned.

9. Principle of HERE and NOW

It doesn't matter ACOLO, it doesn't matter. There and then prevents you from being fully happy HERE and NOW. Focus on the present. Live it without thinking about what it was, what it will be. From the past he learns, no more, no less, than as much as you need. From the future, take your hope.

10. Principle of Change

The universe draws our attention when we're on the wrong path and not the one we're supposed to be on. To do it, some things and situations will repeat themselves, over and over again, sometimes even upsettingly, until we learn to accept it and enjoy what it brings, until we learn our lessons. No matter how much we oppose it, change is inevitable. Sooner or later, she's still going to have to deal with it, change the way.

11. Principle of Patience and Reward

If you really want something and it's what you really need, don't expect to get it overnight and by no means undeserved. A great reward requires a great deal of effort. Arm yourself with patience, strive to reach him, fight to deserve him, give yourself trouble for him. Persists. Don't give in too soon, too soon. The reward comes the moment you're ready.

12. Principle of Value and Inspiration

The value of a thing is directly proportional to the energy and intent you have invested in those things. the moment you learn time, effort, energy in something, at some point you take back from it at least some of what you have invested. Why is that? How so? Because everything is a great Whole connected and contributing to something, it actually contributes to the Whole.


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