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Laziness is a human trajectory that generally has negative connotations,so negative that people would hardly accept about themselves as manifesting laziness.

Usually, almost every one of them try to adorn the various hesitations and lack of diligence and activity in explanations and justifications,either related to rest or related to other objectives that seem not to require action.

Laziness may be almost unavoidable

Pathologically it’s about tamas.
Tamas – the energy of inertia,is not a beneficial inertia, but a difficulty to act, to be active.

In this very eloquent direction is the fairy tale ‘The Story of the Lazy

I remind you that in “The Story of the Lazy,” that merciful lady wanted to save the lazy from death, believing that the villagers who wanted to take him to his death were exaggerated and cruel. She told the lazy man, that is, the man who had this disease – in his case it was the disease itself, the Tamasic state – said “you don’t have to do anything, I’ll let you sit somewhere in a corner, in the yard. You’ll have a roof over your head and I can give you some posmags because I have enough left to keep your life and not die.”

So this man sick of tamas had come to the conclusion that nothing could be done and that he had to go to his death.

And on the lady’s proposal, the lazy man asked, but are the posmags a? And the lady said, “Posmags – I mean dry bread – they’re not soft, but they’re soft and you, that’s not hard, you put some water in and you can eat them.” But the lazy man who knew how serious his situation was, he said, ah, if they’re not, I can’t get this proposal, I’d better go to death.

So the drama that this fairy tale that amuses some is actually very harsh. I mean, the man already knew that his inability to act is actually so great that even this little effort to keep his life, to wet the dry bread can’t make him and that he, consciously, compared to that, chooses execution or so-called death.

The Tamasica condition is a very serious condition, very difficult

If someone is in this state, in my opinion, it is not appropriate to judge him, perhaps not at all, because the Tamasica state is very hard to overcome.

In the case of other excessive states, the situation may be different, with higher hopes.
For example, the Rajasic state means a need to activate, painful, awkward, not necessarily directed to a sense.
This condition causes too intense activity, which reaches a painful level. But at least, the one who is rajasic, even if he can not stand still, even if he can not live harmony, even if he moves all the time, yet, through his intense activity, in the end can gain a more harmonious state or even supreme realization.

Tamasicle is stuck, is clenched in a state that feeds from itself

i.e. this state of inertia is sustained on itself. Therefore, without grace such a man would never leave his tamassian state.
Here’s one of the meanings of grace in the universe: to unlock people from the Tamasic state.

Maybe you’ll say “but I have nothing to do with it, I’m not like that, that’s something that has nothing to do with me”.
In my opinion, it is not good to be sure of this, because the Tamasic state can “hit” us unexpectedly, and some of us to baptize it differently, even to give it a shade of nobility, to say that it is something else.
So first of all the hardest, deepest, most difficult laziness to remove is the tamasic state.

Now, what other causes can the state of laziness have?

  • Low vibration.
    What low vibration means: what defines as vibration our transient, limited personality can be low, for example predominantly muladhara-swadhistana (the first 2 chakras). Such people arrange their food, their beds, other simple desires, integration into the “herd” and they just stay, they feed, they live from day to day.
    Low vibration, however, even if it contains designed in it and sacred elements or more advanced elements, will mean a low speed of both understanding and action. Laziness will mean laziness.
  • Another reason, another more difficult cause may be poor, impaired health.
    Again here is difficult because what does it mean to be sick? It means being defective. To have certain blockages or problems in your structure and because of this do not work, do not function well your physical body or bodies in general.
    This is clearly a problem, because you see, a Formula 1 car that can go at 350 km/h, if it lacks two screws from a wheel, can no longer walk at all or just goes pushed by people. The state of the defect, the damage of the structure can block us a lot.

Leaving aside these that are very serious and practically accidental, we have other causes of damage that are closer to our understanding and our power to intervene.

  • Identification with the ego,not always, but can generate a lack of goals.
    For example, the piglet who sits in a small coop, if he has food and sex when necessary, something else doesn’t interest him, he just sits there lying there, eating, sleeping, having sex, breathing, living from day to day.

    I do not know if you know that the piglet has an exceptional coefficient of intelligence, yet this coefficient of intelligence does not serve them much because because of the identification with pleasure, the piglet is looking for nothing but food. If he has food, for him a space of 2 m/ 2 m may be enough. He has no more complex search, despite his intelligence, it serves him no purpose because there is a need for something else: the awakening, the authentic.

The man who is “Treaz”

that’s what he feels, no matter how interesting life is, no matter how much pleasure he gives, no matter how nectar he is, he tastes and after a while he says:

This nectar is good, it’s interesting. Is that it?
Well, what do you mean? saysanother.
What’s wrong with you, what’s not enough for you, can’t you see that you’re just sitting in pleasure, what’s the problem?
And the sober man says:
Pleasure is good but I’m looking for something deeper, that’s not enough.

Spiritual awakening takes us out of laziness

It is even known that people who benefit from a certain spiritual awakening make efforts with ease, because they are animated by meaning.
Yes, what can inactivate such a man is meaningless, if it does not make sense then the spiritually awakened man will no longer act, will not want to act, because he is animated by meaning.

So how can we cure the lazy matter?

Sure to remove the damage – that is to improve our health, to raise our vibration level and then we will find that it is easier for us to overcome laziness.

But the most precious meansis the cultivation of high values and meanings, so let us have goals, let’s have meaning.

We have after, for what to act.

Desire is a goal, it is a state that can take man out of the state of tamas

and one of the applications of this phenomenon is consumerism. Consumerism was discovered relatively recently and it consists in cultivating people’s desire. Because of desire, they will act and work with extraordinary diligence for the material support of society, so that he, the man of desire, will fulfill his desires.

And as desires always renew, always…

according to the law of political economy that says that “social need is amplified as it satisfies”, then the lazy man at first but animated by desires will work as a man hamesit, who never manages to get tired for the fulfillment of desires, until the very last moment.

But because we are on a spiritual path, we understand that

such a life is actually meaningless, it is a life ruled by illusion,in which man runs after a chimera and never catches it. That chimera being its authentic fulfillment.

The most authentic prospect of getting out of the laziness state is

the cultivation of elevated desires, of elevated values, of high, refined meanings and the action for their fulfillment.

Sure, another fundamental way of eliminating laziness is spiritual awakening, just Spiritual awakening is something that is not in our hand. We can aspire to it, we will get it all by acting in the sense of spiritual awakening if we have a proper spiritual path and a proper master but when it appears it is never safe. Spiritual awakening is something relative to our will, it’s not in our hand, but we can “put ourselves in danger” to wake up spiritually.

However as the soul awakens, the laziness disappears

man is alive and can be exceptionally energetic in a direction that his soul considers meaningful.

And here I remind you that maxim that says that

“anyone can take a horse to drink water but if he is thirsty he will seek water alone with the greatest zeal in the world.”

Another engine of getting out of the tamasic state of laziness is love

Love with the two components (learned in our school), can turn a lazy into an exceptionally active man and here applies máxima that says that “if love is great the impossible becomes easily possible” . So if love is great, not infinite, that infinity is already God. Anyway, that’s what love means, a genuine meaning. In príncipiu, that’s the message we wanted to convey.

Questions from the audience

Q: When you lose a spiritual test, it’s the same thing, is it very hard to get afloat?
A: Yes, you’re right, because when you lose a spiritual test, there’s a contraction of consciousness, but there’s a possibility that you can work for the expansion of consciousness, for awakening. The expansion of consciousness means the elevation of the level of vibration, the enrichment and development of the causal body that contains meanings, symbols, values and principles and awakening in general.

Q: What can you do when you’re already lazy, you’re slammed on the couch and you feel like you can’t move?
A: Here I’d like to, I’m happy to tell you an interesting thing.
Standing like a man stuck by tamas on the couch and you can’t move, we can retreat to the observatory, that’s what we can do, because for that you don’t have to move, make an effort.
And there’s an interesting thing going on – it’s right that it happens the more powerful the spiritual awakening is – we’ll find that observers, that we observe our laziness. And laziness is a state, and if we observe it we can detach ourselves from it, let’s not be one with her anymore. If you didn’t feel that way you’re probably skeptical now, but what I’m telling you now applies to any state, even depression, anger, envy, bitterness, grief.

If we observe our condition, something interesting happens.

we no longer identify with the condition, we can retreat to the observer, the condition exists, does not perish from our consciousness, but we are no longer one with it. It’s no longer our own and then we can choose something else.
Besides, there’s such a phenomenon that’s interesting…
We can see that there are two of us: a being characterized by the attributes of his bodies and a living being,more or less awake, but who is free and can make choices regardless of the condition of the other, as if he were two, one alive and one subject to tendencies.
And we can observe the one subject to trends: look now we should wash the dishes, make the bed, do yoga, meditation,but the other one – it’s, yes but I have this, I’m not in the mood, I have depression.
Only the one who is alive, that more refined me who is of the nature of the soul, can act regardless of the other, as if they were two. This can be considered a story until you live it.

But the idea of the observer observing our laziness and not identifying with it as with pain is very valuable.

In addition, what else can we do, to relate to the stars

i.e. to relate to the most precious values that our soul knows and then the aspiration to the stars may unlock us from the place where we are stuck and begin to move harder, more country, but move.

One method, yoga, I said, fundamental meditation. But at nível energy, attention, the lack of sexual continent affects the hard work of man and can induce a state of tamas and terrible laziness.
Kundalini’s awakening amplifies the power of the realize and makes the man hardworking, even very industrious.

You see when we have a complex dharma (mission, personal purpose), we can not always guarantee fixed hours.

Think of parents, those who have young children but have to go to work, they make an incredible balance yet at some point they will need the grace of the employer. “Please forgive me for being late today, 20 minutes or 2 hours,” but not because the father was lazy.

Now, a routine can be a habit, if it’s a good habit it can help us get out of laziness and in this case the routine is an outer crutch, right?

Routine or repetitive activities seem to put the soul to sleep, but the wise soul finds a solution for it. He’s not necessarily a routine enemy, we while we do routine things, we can do meditation in action, we can have a complex inner life, we can relate to the present moment.

Relate to the stars, to the high, precious values worth fighting for, and see that your time is running out

How many books are to read, how many techniques there are to be, how many people are to love, many things to do. So, when society no longer forces you to work, to go to work, when you don’t have any outside stuff, what God will say, …I see that the soul does not listen, only the tepusa.

The person who is not active in the sense of spiritual transformation, from himself, will be activated anyway, forced by external elements

It’s painful, it’s a shame that the supreme father has no choice but to go. It’s better to choose ourselves and it’s worth choosing.
How? Referring to our loves, to the many things that we love and perhaps in a different way and to our precious values and for them it is worth fighting for.

What values can we cultivate – spiritual values, the desire to identify with oneself in order to be in contact with truth, life and happiness?

Love, courage, spiritual heroism, why not tantric love, sacred eroticism. Our work to help others get out of ignorance. Developing the human qualities necessary for spiritual evolution and necessary to help others in an efficient and wise way.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for anyone to say that“I have nothing to do with laziness, this conference is for others”

It would be a mistake, to be honest and fair, and not so much honesty and fairness as the need to solve the problems of our lives should make us very careful.

Q: How do we help others get out of laziness?
A: Just as we help ourselves, we animate them by suggesting that they refer to the observer, by our own example, that perhaps our example is infectious and if not, with the tepus. Depends on. If he’s our baby, we can help him with the tepus until a certain age. We can also push the stake.

Q: Isn’t it violence?
A: Of course it’s violence, but you have to have the right to do that. When the baby’s little, you have the right. Think of Andre Rieu’s example. He didn’t want to learn to play the violin, but his parents made him. He cried, he resisted, he may have taken a beating but he learned the violin and now he’s far away and he’s happy for that. But at the time he was a child, he was a non-discerning being in the care of his guides who were his parents. But know that later it doesn’t work, when the child grows up and we have to give him more and more right to free will, we can no longer with “tepus” or we can with the tepus on the basis of the law of force, i.e. i.e. I do not give you money, you are big now, I give you money if you do the thing because it is my money and I can ask for some conditions and if not Not. That’s the right force, which can be used safely, if you can’t without it. Be careful, though, that we must do it with great humility, with great care, without arrogance. I respect free will but on the other hand it is my right to ask.

Dear people, I wish you a wonderful life, success at tapas and on the continent and love!

Leo Radutz

Leo Radutz

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