About Shaktipat - Grace or help that usually comes through the Spiritual Master

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Shaktipat means, in translation, "coming", "descending" or "descending" Grace or Energy, Shakti on a man.

That is, it is an aid, an impulse that comes through a Master or even without such external support (i.e. spontaneously) and that allows the student to attain, for the moment, skills that he alone would not have achieved at the moment,through an energy transfer and skills to the disciple or the Spiritual Seeker.

These skills can manifest themselves for a limited period of time – for example one day to a week – and in order to harness such a boost it is necessary for the student to make efforts himself to take the momentum and amplify it.

Shaktipat can be offered by a Spiritual Master or a Spiritual Master who has such skills and has the character of a gift. Even if there is a person with such skills, offering Shaktipat indiscriminately to people who do not deserve, do not appreciate the impulse received or use it to do harm generates karma, which can sometimes be significantly difficult for the Master.

Shaktipat requires an energy consumption for the giver but this effort is rewarded by the joy of the progress that the aspirant makes.

Shaktipat has two components:

- the one which belongs to the transient manifestation of the Master and which can be strong or not but finite

- the one that comes from Infinite or from God and which can in turn be infinite and is usually brokered by the Master.

Depending on the person offering Shaktipat and the recipient, he or she may have influence on the physical body, the physical and astral body, the physical, astral or causal body, or one of the bodies, individually. Complete, powerful and rich Shaktipat is felt on all bodies.

Receiving Shaktipat

it is also a capacity that varies from pupil to pupil and if the student is prepared, the impulse received is significant by quantity and quality and exceeds perhaps the most beautiful dreams he had about such help. It has a growing start, a plateau stage and then an interval that seems constant or slightly decreasing.

And, of course, for unprepared students there is, at least theoretically, a situation where they feel absolutely nothing. For now.

Attitude during receiving Shaktipat

If we realize that such a transfer of energy and skills is taking place it is good to be relaxed, humble, receptive and with a deep attitude of reporting to the Self, because the connection is not made through the outside, so it now seems to most but through the interior, through the Supreme Self Atman. The external appearance that can be mere presence or touch – niyasa – is just something that helps, supports points out certain elements. Shaktipat can be offered, in some cases, and remotely.

So touching - niyasa - is not Shaktipat but can be a tool for Shaktipat.

Can you evolve spiritually and walk the spiritual path without Shaktipat?

Yes, it can.

If it had only been possible with Shaktipat it would have been quite difficult because people who can really make such truneares are quite rare.

And in this area, charlatanism or imposture is perfectly possible, and it is necessary to use our theoretical and practical knowledge and superior intuition coupled with reason in order not to fall easily into unacceptable credulity.

It can evolve spiritually without the benefit of Shaktipat, but at certain key moments of overperforming some inner obstacles Shaktipat can completely change events.

Can we attract Shaktipat without having such an intermediary (spiritual master, friend or whoever he is for us)?

Yes, it's only possible that it's harder. But it is perfectly possible and it is the most desirable perspective or case, the situation where we do not need obvious help or support. So it is possible, but this possibility for many people does not matter, because they do not have the personal capacity to access this situation. So, for them, the help provided by transmission is really a chance, because it makes it significantly easier for them. That's it, that's it.

We wish you success and the chance to live and live intensely Shaktipat in your life!

Leo Radutz

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