Is Shaktipat an objective phenomenon? – Abheda Summer Camp, August 2019

Testimonies related, in particular, to the Shaktipat transmissions that were made by our master in the camp

♥ “For me Shaktipat was an obvious boost to the teacher’s energy. I felt this; telepathic connection and a huge love for us… a beatific joy. My body stopped listening to me, my legs were shaking very hard, I did Ananta throughout the initiation because I was fainting.
I felt a strong boost in Anahata and Anja. It was all color; green and purple.
Space and time have acquired another dimension, I would not have wanted to get out of this state.
Shaktipat was the wonderful gift given by the master in this camp for which I thank him from the heart.
Meditation was wonderful, I got into a state with ease, I floated on clouds of fluff. In meditation I feel that my being is coming home,this is the natural and happy state.

I didn’t stay in the camp very long, but while I was staying I experienced a huge joy, a state of well-being in which I don’t mind anything at all. Everything is in perfect harmony. I feel every time that my being has everything she needs to be happy. I don’t miss anything at all.
For me the camp does not compare to any other vacation, be it in the most exotic place inthe world, the camp is special, only for my heart.
Thank you.”
-Sonia Androne, year 3

♥ “I feel to share with you what I received in this camp during the Shaktipat broadcast. I connected from the first moment to the master in my soul. Small kriyauri (uncontrolled body movements due to energy) appeared. When my turn came and Master Leonard touched me, I felt an ascent force. Then, amid the center ing in the heart, I started hopping up, front and back. I was easier. A simple reference to Ajna or Anahata moves my vibrations up on the column.
I abandoned myself without fear of the sensations, the new perceptions in my body. I felt an energy struggling at the base of the column. This state lasted the entire period of Shaktipat.
Thank you so much for the gift I received.”
-Manuela C., year 7

♥ “Shaktipat was felt by me very strongly. With vibrations throughout the body and energy that felt like circulating, internalization, a state of elevation.
And being able to identify with the observer was a great achievement. “
-Iuliana Achiței, year 1

♥ “Summer camp I liked very much. First of all, meditation with Shaktipat was an obvious phenomenon for me. Initially I felt a wave of energy rising from the calf area to the muladhara chakra, and when our master touched his hands allowed me some experiences never before. I felt the incandescent light furrow my longitudinal body to the level of the growth, I felt tears of joy flowing incessantly on my face– not knowing why I was crying. Then I felt an inner peace and tranquility as my whole being embraced. It was a unique feeling in my lifethat I lived thanks to our spiritual master… and for which I am deeply grateful.
The camp was, though the first for me, a way of life within a spiritual community, with beautiful people where you learn the ABC of a fair and healthy life. I liked it very much and I regret that I left after 5 days of camp. I have long felt its effects, and now I lack the meditations, the teachings of Master Leonard and I look forward to all the running of the camp. “
-Elena C., year 1

♥ “I appreciate the effort and energy Leo has invested throughout the ritual. The lives were intense and fast (like an indoor fireworks game) when Leo reached me I felt that the pressure he put on Anahata opened my soul.
I know the jump was enormous. and immediately on my return to the camp came the opportunity to fix an old problem of mine that now with all the energy in the camp I was able to see more clearly and solve better and without dramas or complications.”
-Monica Crișan, year 3

♥ “About Shaktipat, or after the 4 days I spent in camp, I can say that I felt more courage , more firmness, more confidence in myself and in what I do and a more obvious clarity of everything that happens with me.
During Shaktipat meditation, in addition to the involuntary movements in the area of the pool and the triuncle, my hands trembled very hard and when the Master came to me I felt a peace, a deep inner tranquility, something from which you would not want to leave,a lot of heat, a pleasant boil.

In my days in camp I disengaged, disconnected from all the daily activities I usually do and I was able to be 100% there and focus on the camp program as best I could at the time, being for the first time in the camp.
It was like a spiritual retreat.
I liked the morning activities, pranayama, asame, the meditation conferred also are an undrained source of valuable information

I value everything I learn here at Abheda Yoga whether it was in camp or in class, Leo, whom I see constantly relentless and eager to pass on his teachings to his disciples.
I loved camp and I can’t wait for the next one.’
-Nicoleta Ursulescu, year 2

♥ “I did the Shaktipat meditation the first time.. I don’t know if it was an obvious phenomenon.. Objective.. certain is that I had severe pain in all my wrists and my body began to tremble at some point.
When Master Leonard came, the trembling of the body calmed down.
During the Camp I felt an indescribable silence that I still feel but I do not know if it is due to Shaktipat meditation or/and other techniques practiced in the camp and today.
What was very special, the fact that I sat at one point at the relay meditation for four hours and I thought it was very little time… I’ve had these meditations before where it seemed like I’d stayed a little but it’s the first time four hours have passed almost immediately.’
-Andreea Lăzăroiu, year 3

♥ “For me the meditation with Shaktipat was special. At the beginning of the song I felt the thrills from head to toe, chicken skin and the sensation of hair scolded all over my body. A quiet period followed , the legs showed signs of fatigue when I heard and saw ( although we were with our eyes closed ) 3 flashes of bright light, consecutive followed by tingling throughout the body , feeling of joy and quiet somehow …. then I felt Leo, just before he touched me, and when his hands touched my back and my hands somehow felt like a hug, the left side of my lip started to struggle hard and my whole body was flooded with divine grace. The feeling was very strong, I passed the cry in laughter with tears, a peace in my heart and a joy full of peace… I find it very difficult to describe in words… I’ve never felt like this before… I didn’t dare breathe…
I received in the camp an important “gift” for which I thank the Divinity, Leo and all of you present.”
-Laura Giosu, year 2

♥ “Yes I felt and still feel after the master’s touch.
At the first session by touching my spiritual master I felt an energy that went up in my head. In the end my breath was quiet.. I was serene.
At the meditation the hours passed very quickly, I did not feel the time.
At the second touch my head shook uncontrollably and then I felt a great heat throughout my body although I was near the open door
And now I feel the effect I feel an inner peace.. I want to do longer meditations.”
-Stefan Ciucă, year 1

♥ “The biggest regret of the last camp was that it was over. It was the third camp for me and it certainly won’t be the last. Each time I returned home full of energy and gratitude for everything I received…
The fact that I feel with the other participants as a family makes me look forward to going back there every time.

It is beyond any doubt that for me Shaktipat meditation has been a phenomenon in all the power of the word.
I had the chance to participate in both sessions. If in the first of them I experienced a feeling of infinite peace, of deep calm, in the second everything happened at an intensity that I would not have guessed That I could touch in a meditation. From the beginning I felt an energy that shaped my body like a thin thread rising from the level of the glyzelans up to the thighs. It’s also like my heart is dilated. I started shaking uncontrollably, crying and making a murmur. There were three or four rounds of this kind, each very intense, starting at the same moment of the song that was repeated several times. It all culminated in the teacher’s touch, when I felt the energy rise on the spine and the uncontrollable tremor amplified. After the teacher left, I felt a huge peace, infinite silence… Unfortunately, all these sensations ended for me with the end of meditation.
I really liked the themes addressed in the seminars. “
-Maria Istrate, year 2

♥ “I’d also like to talk about the experience at Shaktipat.
It was a very intense experience. He started climbing kundalini and getting very hot, ever since he said he was going to do the initiation, but he hadn’t started yet.
Then, and at the seminary and the second time he did, it was the same. I felt from the beginning how kundalini ascend, great warmth, intense and continuous ecstasy, a lot of grace. As a result I cried all the time, although it lasted quite a long time.
I felt a strong vibration throughout my body, even every particle in me seemed to be moving faster and faster.
But, I thought I recognized the condition and I think he’s intervened in that way in the course at certain times. It’s just that now it’s been more intense and longer.
The difference I felt in camp was that the meditations were special. We immediately entered that state of ecstasy that we felt very intensely and often wept. I felt the whole camp that I received a lot of grace, that I felt iditate to do more karma yoga (not only in camp, but in general), to help others as I received a lot of support, to practice and to study more.
I had a slight state of anxiety and some symptons of detoxification.
At the end of the camp it seemed to have a more refined, elevated state.
They seem to sit down so that they stay that way. I mean, to have less work and more time for spirituality. Which I think is a manifestation of the changes that have occurred in me.”
-Alina Crișan, year 3

♥ “First of all about Shaktipat : it was an honor for me to receive such a gift. First I felt a heat somewhere in the middle of the column where it radiated a gentle white light. The second time was much more intense, like something went up on the spine, all over the spine. I don’t know how to put it into words very well, but I know I got something right for myself. After the meditation was over, I was fine. I can’t say that I felt, that I saw, that it happened to me, I don’t know what. I didn’t wait for anything to happen, I just enjoyed what I got and I was and I’m grateful. I came back with a feeling of well-being. And for that I thank you and I am grateful.
About the camp: I set out to dedicate myself only to spiritual activities throughout the period. I wanted to learn, to practice, to feel. For me everything was wonderful in terms of practice, especially the meditation that I fell in love with, I enjoyed, I took refuge in it. She was special and again I thank you with all my heart and I love you very, very much.”
-Ligia Nastase, year 1

♥ “I can’t put my finger straight and say, look that’s changed, but I feel a major change about the spiritual things I’m working with: detachment, humility, love. I’ve been waiting for this camp with great love and anticipation ever since the other one ended in the summer… now it was different though the feeling of joy was the same…
Again, concretely, compared to last year I can say that there was a substantial difference in quality in my practice.
Regarding Shaktipat was a raving experience,I actually felt energy connection with the professor, I felt his presence… effectively my body was entering into a strong involuntary tremor when it was near me, and tears trickled down my face. This feeling of energy connection scared me a little, I’m not used to such pronounced manifestations of kundalini.
At the same time I felt confidence and gratitude for this gesture of love and trust that Leo made for us.

Ever since I came from camp, I feel the need to practice every day and not only the need but I do it with love, not with that lazy state that barely lets you urinate.
Overall I feel different and I see myself differently, for the better, than I was before the camp. I hope it’s not temporary.”
-Alina Costea, year 2

♥ “For me, the camp was nice. Even though I came with my family, I tried to participate in most activities.
Following the camp, I accessed a deeper concentration.
During Shaktipat meditation I felt imperged.”
-Marius, year 2

♥ ” Although I attended the camp only briefly, I joined the meditation relay, where I spent an hour and a half in meditation. Indeed, I felt a special energy. Since then I can focus better in my heart and get into meditation much easier.”
-Cristina, year 1

♥ “For me Shaktipat felt from the first moment I stood in the position of Enlightenment. I got a lot of feelings in that period… from the fear that something bad might happen to me, to the ecstasy I felt at the end.
In the last 20 minutes I started shaking uncontrollably and at the end I felt a kind of physical exhaustion as if a lot of energy had passed through me. But soon I recovered and understood that, in fact, everyone felt according to the level of consciousness.
The moment I was afraid I wanted to stop and leave the room, but I just sat there and knew nothing bad was going to happen. That’s when I first felt the discrepancy between what my brain was telling me (to leave, that I’m going to be sick) and what my heart was saying (trusting the master and the way) and then I said I’m going to sit and accept what’s going to happen.
Shaktipat was a thanks to me, because after that I had much deeper meditations and I can park the body better and in a shorter time.
One day I went to meditate in the hall where the staff was being held. I think I was there for an hour or so, but I felt like it was five minutes. It’s like I’ve solved all my energy problems from the past few days and I’ve started to understand meditation differently ever since.
Until then, I didn’t understand why I should do meditation. For me it was a useless and very hard work, I preferred to do abone, not meditation.
I think I understood that I was afraid to stay with myself,listen to myself and get along. I understand that good meditation does not mean colors, lights or images these aspects are astral and that you really meditate when you can observe yourself in a detached way.
One more thing I’ve noticed is that the mind is playing tricks and telling you “ready, too much, let’s move, I can’t” anymore.
That’s such an important moment. do not give in, because only then can you understand meditation differently.
I felt more “in the family” than in my own family.
Super nice workshops.
I just want to say thank you for what we’ve received and for loving us so much and taking care of us.”
-Cristiana Tudorache, year 3

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