Celebrating the Infinity in Us through Ganesha. Methods to achieve spiritual and material prosperity. Leadership.

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ABHEDA este o revoluție etică, morală și de suflet care poate schimba cu adevărat lumea... dacă începem întâi cu noi.” - Acharya Leonard

TODAY, August 22, in India (and in Europe now 🙂 ), for ten days is celebrated that facet of Infinity that manifests, among many others, perseverance, realized power, spiritual and material prosperity, spontaneous and authentic leadership- Ganesha.

Ganesha is an important pillar of spirituality in the middle of life, an essential goal in Abheda Yoga.

We suggest that you don't be fooled by ganesha's toy appearance.
He is, in fact, the manifestation of Shiva - a name of the nondualist Supreme Consciousness - in the material world and at the level of Muladhara.

What does that mean?

Everything people want primarily spiritually and materially

  • good start and fulfillment of their projects of any kind (not only material projects),
  • power to overcome any obstacle
  • life in the spiritualized and spiritualizing material world,
  • the ability to be a perfect, spontaneous and authentic leader, wise, a capacity of the nature of the state in which we could even be the ruler of all beings,
  • superintelligence and ingenuity,
  • strong, refined and spiritualized sensuality,
  • supervirility or the grace of supervirility (in the case of a woman)
  • the awakening of Kundalini,
  • fascinating but spiritualized sexual energy and alchemical power of control over sexual energy
  • overflowing creativity.

And others.
All constantly permeated by the deepest nondualistic spirituality.

Despite the appearance of particular, many of our experiences and objectives have related to Ganesha or Ganauti's sphere of manifestation.

How do we attract these skills?

By worshipping Ganesha, drawing into us grace,help, identification with Him,awakening in us that part of our consciousness that has such attributes and that is, in fact, Ganesha within us.

These actions can be accomplished on Ganesha's birthday, 2 September and further for 10 days. Why so long? Because what results is worth this effort.


  • Anaharin, the only water-only fast made as an offering to Ganesha

  • adoration and communion through ritual,

  • meditation with music,

  • meditation with yantra,

  • mandala meditation,

  • Ganesha's secret mantra meditation,

  • Ananta referring to Ganesha,

  • spontaneous and continuous reporting in our spiritual heart at this level of consciousness that we call Ganesha,
  • cultivating the intimate connection of consciousness and requesting the help of the guardian angel of spiritual evolution or the guardian angel.

Acharya Leonard

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Abheda Yoga este o cale deosebită, rară, care poate cu adevărat să ne transforme. Putem dezvolta chiar și ceea ce nu am primit prin naștere și genetică sau nu am reușit să realizăm prin educație și alte influențe formatoare.
Acharya Leonard
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