Amazing prophecy of the maximum spiritual decay of the present in the sacred text Linga Purana

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It is astounding how precisely this sacred yogic text describes what happens in the “modern” era with the human race.

Yes, the description is very accurate, but what is important for an Authentic Seeker is not the fact that an ancient text from the 5th-10th centuries CE accurately describes the decay of the human race, but the teaching and beneficial result from it.

Through our actions and, especially, through the direct path that is, first of all, nondualist yoga.
But also by any other authentic way.
We can thus be in the world, without being of the world!

Linga Purana (text transmitted -at the beginning- orally) says:

The people of Kali Yuga

(Iron Age, nothing to do with the age of Kali, are two different words that sound the same)

they are stimulated by the lowest instincts.
They mostly choose false ideas.

He does not hesitate to persecute the wise.

Envy torments them.

Neglect, disease, hunger, fear will spread.

There will be great droughts.
The different regions of some countries will oppose others.

Sacred books will no longer be respected.

People will be moral-free, irritable and sectarian. In the Iron Age false doctrines and deceptive writings will spread.

People will be afraid because they neglect the rules learned from the wise and no longer perform the rites correctly.

Many will perish.

The number of princes and farmers will gradually decrease.

The working classes want to

assign royal power and have equal access to the knowledge, resting places and beds of the old princes.

Most of the new chiefs will be of workers’ origin.

They will fiercely pursue the priests and the keepers of knowledge.

They will kill the baby in their mother’s womb and assassinate their heroes.

The lower class (shudra) will claim to behave like that of the Brahmans, and the priests like the laborers.

Thieves will become kings, kings will be thieves.

There will be many women who will prostitute themselves.

The stability and balance of the four classes of society and the four ages of life will disappear.

The earth will produce a lot in some places, and very little in others.

The ruling classes will confiscate the property and use it badly.

They will stop protecting the people.

Worthless people who have attained some knowledge (without having the virtues necessary to put it into practice) will be honored as sages.

People who do not possess the virtues of a fighter will become kings.

Scholars will be in the service of oam

mediocre, vain and hateful enilors. Priests will demean themselves, selling sacraments.

There will be a lot of emigrant people, walking from one country to another.

The number of men will decrease, that of women will increase.

Predators will be more violent. The number of cows will decrease.

Well-meaning people will give up playing an active role.

Already prepared and spoiled food will be put up for sale.

Sacred books will be sold on the street corner.

The young women will sell their virginity.

The god of clouds will be incoherent with the distribution of rains.

Traders will do dishonest business.

They will be surrounded by pretentious philosophers.
There will be many beggars and people without work.

Everyone will use harsh and coarse words.

It will not be possible to trust anyone. People will be envious.

No one will want to do any disinterested service.

The degradation of virtues and the censorship of hypocritical and moralizing Puritans characterize the period of kali yuga’s end.
They will no longer be kings.

Wealth and harvests will diminish. G

Break of bandits will be held in towns and villages.

The water will be lacking and the fruit will be a little abundant.

Those who will have to ensure the protection of citizens will not do so.

Many will be thieves. Rapes will be common.

Many individuals will be perfidious, lubricated, abject and risking everything.
They will wear their hair in clutter.

Many children will be born, while their life expectancy will not exceed 16 years.

Adventurers will take the appearance of monks with shaved heads and orange robes, with silks around their necks.

Wheat stocks will be stolen.

Thieves will steal the thieves.

People will become inactive, lethargic and goalless. Diseases, rats and harmful substances will trouble them. Individuals tormented by hunger and fear will take refuge in “underground shelters” (kaushika).

Rare will be the cases of those who will live 100 years.

Sacred texts will be modified. Rites will be neglected.

Vagrants will be numerous in all countries. Unqualified individuals will pass as experts on morals and religion.

Many will massacre women

the children, the cows, and they shall kill each other.” (Linga Purana, chap. 40)

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