The Power of THE PRESENT

The Power of THE PRESENT
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Yoga Meditatie Tantra cu Leo Radutz

The power of the present – or the meditation of concentration on the present moment
In general, man’s inner attention turns, whether he is in the middle of life or in meditation, to a thought in his mind.
This thought in general is something that is not connected to what is happening in this moment.
It is a certain thought, often related to the past, assessing our history of knowledge, or it is future-oriented, being a kind of projection (“what is it going to be?”).
This refuge of man to the past or to the future is a thief of life.
Or even to any thought that has nothing to do with our present state. Why is that?

Because only the present moment is all we have; only the present moment is time,

the rest is just mind, just something built into our minds.
Only the present moment is life.
It has been found that some people escape so much from the present that in 24 hours many manage to be currently only 20 minutes.
This means that one day has passed and that they have not lived their lives on this day.

They managed to be in the present, pleasant or unpleasant, only 20 minutes.
This is a sad finding.

We realize that our mind that flies after thoughts, relating to the past or the future, thus loses life itself.

The power of the present

On the other hand, an attribute of our mind is that when we are attentive to an aspect, then that aspect becomes great, important in our mind.
In contrast, the aspects to which we do not relate become small, insignificant or disappear.

If we focus on the present moment, thus living the plenary life, the present moment will increase in our consciousness

This focus will eventually lead us to the dilation of the present moment, which manifests itself as a door of eternity.
The important thing is that this focus on the present moment is significant.
That is, we slide from the present moment, a plenary, living state, with the joy of living, towards a timeless, infinite state.
This has to do with our immortal and omnipotent Supreme Self, spiritual awakening, the divine spark in man, or even God himself.
In this state of eternity all events exist at once, those of the future being together with their many alternatives.
Because certain decisions were not taken, they manifest themselves fully, suddenly, in their various alternatives.

The Power of THE PRESENT
The attention to the present moment brings us a state of peace, the joy of living and the possibility of obtaining the Supreme Spiritual Realization.
The present, manifested as a door of teternity, allows us to go beyond into the infinite potential of our being.
He allows us to achieve enlightenment, spiritual realization, the state of liberation – Moksha.
→ What does this attention look like to the present moment?

It looks like a hyperlucency, like an aggrandizement of attention oriented towards the present,

as if, from one moment to another, something very important should happen and…
we need to be careful not to escape this event, which we imagine is very short.
This generates the concern that if we are not constantly paying attention, we may get rid of it and stop noticing it, if we escape into the mind, into the past or the future.
The orientation on the present moment, leads us finally into the state of the SAT – pure existence, in which we fully live the joy of living.
It brings with it the others – CIT – pure consciousness (which gives us freedom and knowledge) and ANANDA that gives us non-dual happiness.

I wish you to be … currently!

Leo Radutz

founder of Abheda Yoga Academy

and the initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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