Can humor and laughter improve our health?

What happens in our body when we laugh?

Muscles work not only at the level of the face, but throughout the body. The blood pressure increases, we breathe faster and we send more oxygen to the tissues.
Many believe that laughter is a very effective mental workout. The combination of movement and laughter, by the way, is the most pleasant way to increase the heart rate.

Laughter burns calories

according to a study by Vanderbilt University, in 10-15 minutes of shaving we have every chance of burning around 50 calories.

It improves our blood circulation

Another study by the University of Maryland looked at what happens in the blood vessels when we watch comedies or dramas. Those who watched comedies had normal blood circulation in their vessels, unlike those who watched dramas, whose tension increased during the film.

Nblood sugar level decreases when we laugh

A research conducted on a sample of 19 diabetes patients had the following scenario: after having lunch, patients were asked to read something tense. The next day, also after lunch, they watched a comedy. Following the experiment, it was found that on the second day they had a lower blood sugar level than the previous day.

Besides those mentioned above, laughter also has the following beneficial effects on the body:

  • Increases the body’s resistance by strengthening the immune system;
  • It stimulates numerous organs, by increasing the supply of oxygen in the body, such as: heart, lungs and muscles and increases the amount of endorphins released by the brain.
  • It soothes the pains, because when we laugh, the body is stimulated to produce its own natural analgesics.
  • Humor and laughter are great for reducing stress, and can cure us of many diseases, from severe pain to heart disease and even cancer.
  • Some researchers believe that laughter might be the best medicine, helping us feel better and boost our health.
  • It increases personal satisfaction and helps us cope more easily with difficult situations. It also helps us connect to others in a harmonious way.
  • We improve our mood by helping in these people who suffer from depression, or chronic diseases.

    Laughter can help eliminate anxiety by making us feel happier!

Although laughter therapy or “rasotherapy” is not officially recognized (yet), it is only up to us to introduce it into our lives and into our daily lives . With a little effort we can smile more often, we can be more relaxed and playful.
We can respond to the challenges of life in a creative way when we aim to laugh more often, to see the full side of the glass, to be optimistic and cheerful.

Last but not least

we should also mention that there is a form of yoga that is called the yoga of laughter! We invite you to watch in the video below how a yoga laughter session goes:

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