About misandria – phobia towards men and about misogyny

In my opinion, we should not even jokingly say that women or men would be, to each other, more valuable or stronger.
Even jokingly let’s not say that some would be good and others bad. Even jokingly, let’s not say that some have more rights and others have fewer rights.

For millennia, perhaps, people have behaved towards women with misogyny.

often as compared to inferior beings.

This happened due to the mentality combined with religious information, the state of the economy and the masculine specificity of being yang in the physical body and in the causal (emotional) body, which gave them a semblance of “hard sex”.

To this was added the peculiarity of not having menstruation and pregnancy.

Then feminists fought for some natural rights of women

Either because otherwise they could not gather followers or maybe because sometimes it is necessary to target the value of 100 to get 10.and, perhaps, because of the reaction of a certain part of society (especially male)

sometimes they themselves cultivated a misandry,

trying with one evil to heal another evil.

Now we live, in my opinion, in a sick society, where people are fooled into believing anything but what is authentic…

It hides the reality about masculinity and femininity, about gender identity, about the natural differences between men and women.

Those differences that help us to love ourselves, to savor and to complete ourselves.
There is also the hypocritical political correctness, promoted by secret luciferian organizations.

And there is also feminism, which sometimes supports (not always) discrimination against men and misandria.

This view – political correctness – also uses the Machiavellian principle

“positively discriminate against the minority (or the “leverage” group) to control the majority (or target group)”.
It denies natural differences between people, instead of fighting for true fairness and prejudice.

Why is that?

Because it works, that is, this Machiavellian method works.

For example, the positive discrimination of Hungarians or ethnic minorities against Romanians leads to discrimination against Romanians at the electoral level and in areas with ethnic Hungarians, but also leads to control of the majority through positive discrimination against the minority.

Positive discrimination of women leads to

discrimination against men.

Sometimes they are accused and punished with, but also without evidence for abuse, harassment and discrimination against women.

With these otate, men retire later although they die earlier (even with 7 years, on average, in Romania).

And this is not noticed or does not bother the supporters of “political correctness”.

For a polite advance made to a woman as a man you can be kicked out of the service.
Or, to make love to a 17-year-old minor you can go to 6 years in prison.

And this while the so-called sex education teaches children

to masturbate even from the age of 5 or to accept the homosexual or transgenic perspective from the age of 5, when sexual energy has not yet appeared.

How do you mean… does this method work?

It works, because it leads to division and control through division.

It hides the truth about the real differences between men and women that should be accepted and that we should take into account, without prejudice. They can be partially intuited even without deep knowledge of the true nature of man.

This knowledge can be obtained, however, especially through deep yogic practice that leads to direct knowledge.

Men and women are different

and that is precisely what the miracle of polarity lies in.

In society they will manifest themselves differently by being strong at something and weaker at something else, precisely because they are different and complementary.

And how good that we are like that!

For example, a large percentage (if I’m not mistaken, 80%) of the workers in the management and administration area are women. We should scream at men that they are discriminated against and put by law mandatory percentages of male employees … to be equal?

No words!

In my opinion it is very natural for people to work according to their natural skills, BUT WITHOUT PREJUDICE OR DISCRIMINATION pursued.

That is why I believe that we shouldn’t even jokingly say that women or men would be more valuable or stronger, neither jokingly not to say that some would be good and some would be bad, nor jokingly not to say that some have more rights and others fewer.

We have the same potential but we are different

Do men love weaker than women?

In my opinion, it’s not about that either. The love of men for women is wonderful and this is what many women can say who enjoy, in their lives, the manifestation of deep male love.

Are there men who do not love?

Yes, but there are also women who do not love. It is natural that there are people at various stages of development and at some point they or they will also manage to get closer to the wonderful natural state in which they can love.

Do some have bigger flaws and others smaller ones?

Not in jest, as I said. let’s not say that. We are just different and complementary.

In my opinion, the following ideas would make a big difference:

– to accept the differences between us,
– to respect each being, respecting the infinite miracle and potency that each possesses
– to keep in mind that one evil cannot be righted with another evil
– and that the truth about men and women protects us from the aberrations of the century.

We are identical in potential,

but until there

we are different !


An article by
Leo Radutz


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