Diferențele între ABHEDA YOGA și sport -2-

Differences between ABHEDA YOGA and sports -2-

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Diferențele între ABHEDA YOGA și sport -2-


The fundamental difference is that yoga exercises are opposed to violent muscle movements in sports.

This type of movements produce fatigue, muscle stiffness and injuries.

The body is regarded as a tool for the journey to perfection

The practices also use the development of mental faculties and concentration.
Muscle development suggests, but it is not always the sign of a healthy body.

Health is

the state of the organism in which all organs function perfectly under the coordination of the soul of that being, deftly using the mind as an effective tool.

Stretching the muscles propels blood through the valves of the veins.
in Abheda Yoga the reverse postures use gravity to force the blood back towards the heart. All this strengthens the heart and increases the volume of circulating blood.

Muscle fatigue

it is counteracted by proper breathing and relaxation.


it is done systematically to pay the oxygen debt resulting from the formation of lactic acid in the system.

Knowing that there is a limit to the amount of oxygen debt that an individual can bear, yoga emphasizes exercises with light movements, deep breaths and periods of relaxation.

ABHEDA YOGA intervenes directly on some main factors that influence the efficiency of a muscular act:

  • initial stretching of the muscles
  • temperature (heating)
  • viscosity (internal friction)
  • speed of performance (mild or moderate)
  • fatigue (oxygen duty).
  • helps preserve the elasticity of the arteries and even maintains the blood supply to every part of the body
  • pay great attention to maintaining the flexibility of the spine and other joints
  • helps preserve muscle elasticity


It emphasizes the violent movements of the muscles. It produces high amounts of lactic acid in muscle fibers, causing fatigue.


muscle development for a good-looking body (often influenced by fashion) or for sports performance that is oriented towards material gains or fame.

In sports, Rajassic action is performed:

violent movements increase adrenaline to stimulate the mind.

A strong body is necessary to cope with a stressful and tense daily life.

However, the mind is not controlled,

short periods of health can induce an unhealthy lifestyle to the human being (steroid abuse, stimulants, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.).

It relies only on aerobic exercises to increase heartbeat and stimulate circulation

This produces massive loads for the heart. Many highly trained athletes die of heart attacks.
Violent movements overload the muscles with blood circulation, causing fatigue.
The biggest limiting factor for maintaining severe exercise is the oxygen supply.

Because oxygen inputs often do not overlap with muscle demands of oxygen,
lactic acid accumulates in the muscles and in the blood, leading to fatigue, wear and tear and disease.

When no attention is paid to the heating and stretching of muscles

violent movements can cause muscle ruptures, causing long-term stiffness. In performance athletes, joints often feel strongly over a fairly young age.

Although they can quickly switch to youth, they often return to old age


But under certain conditions.
Performance sports require the structure to the limit and most performance athletes pay with impaired health the efforts necessary for performance.
And all this being done with the aim of fame or money, clearly shows us that performance sports is not an apotheosis of humanity.

But sports and movement, team games if they are made out of love for sports and without taking the structure to the demands that affect it can be a wonderful delight of human life.

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