Spiritual Heart

Spiritual Heart

It’sa concept that has nothing to do with the organ called the heart, which propels blood into the body. It refers to the ESSENCE, the CENTER of being, ourselves at the essential level.

In the soul of the same person, as it evolves from a spiritual point of view or within the same meditation, depending on the depth it accesses, the Spiritual Heart can be lived as:

  • Attention in the middle of the chest, inside the physical
    This is a reference to the bioenergetic level of the being, which, however, helps us to penetrate more easily into the causal (emotional) body.
  • The Living Soul – Jivatma
    This is an essence accessible to man still limited, which can be reached especially through specific yoga exercises for
    the awakening of the soul
  • The Supreme Essential Self Atman
    To this feeling, the deepest is reached by intuitive reference to the OBSERVER, the one who acts or the utterer in each of us – ourselves, beyond the limited personality.

Another meaning is the Hrid or Hrit Chakra, the Center of the Heart

It is a very special center, subordinated and located near the Anahata Chakra (the center of affection, in the middle of the chest), at very short distance.

This center, Hrid, gives us the human soul qualities specific to
the AWAKE man.

These, when man is not awake, are manifested mechanically-compulsively, becoming so-called shadows.

In tantric nondualist traditions

This center is mentioned only in the tantric nondualist traditions as having 3 regions:

  1. A region of
    the vermilion sun
  2. inside which is
    located a white region of the moon
  3. inside which is
    a region of deep red fire
    . Within it is the red tree that fulfills desires, kalpavriksha. It symbolizes the ability to manifest what you want to happen in the world.

It’s the jewel that sits in the curvature of the heart.
Until you see it, you can’t think of it.
He shines like a jewel of jewels on the one who cherishes him and ponders him always.”

Hrit, Hrid or Hridaya means heart. It refers to this center specially subordinate to the Anahata Chakra and which has only 8 petals, while anahata has 12 petals.
These 8 petals are connected with 8 significant groups of soul qualities that generate the 9 soul typologies on the Eneagram.

These qualities can be minunted when manifested with purpose, and can be defects and compulsions when manifested mechanically.

The positioning of the heart chakra Hrit or Hrid is in the middle of the chest, under the Anahata or, according to some sources, to the right of Anahata with very little – 2 angula or fingers.

It springs in the spine, from nadhi citrines, from the vertebrae of the ninth thoracic and is oriented downwards.
Each of the 8 petals also corresponds to a siddhi of the 8 main ones mentioned by Patanjali.


Leo Radutz,

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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