Einstein and prejudice

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Einstein and prejudice

Albert Einstein stated that “it is much easier to disintegrate an atom than to prejudice“.

Things happen, thus, the easier the more the level of consciousness of the characters is more… to the animal.
But man can be HUMAN and the more aware we are, the easier it is to overcome such a situation or even comes… from The Self.

So… running to seriousness, exercising, reading and meditating, because otherwise… we risk resembling monkeys!

Revelatory experiment

A group of scientists put in a cage five monkeys and in the middle of the cage a ladder, and above the staircase a bunch of bananas. When one monkey climbed the ladder to take bananas, scientists threw a bucket of cold water on the others that stayed down. After some time, when one monkey tried to climb the stairs, the others did not let her climb. After a long time no monkey climbed the ladder anymore, despite the temptation of bananas. It was then that scientists replaced a monkey. The first thing she did was climb the ladder, but she was pulled back by the others and beaten. After a few beatings no member of the new group climbed the ladder.
A second monkey was replaced and the same thing happened. The first replaced monkey enthusiastically participated in the beating of the novice. A third was changed and things repeated themselves. The fourth monkey and finally the fifth was changed. In the end, the scientists were left with five mains who, although they had never received a bath with cold water, continued to hit the monkeys trying to reach the bananas.

If it were possible for the monkeys to be asked why they were beating those who were trying to climb the ladder, the answer would have been:

“We don’t know. Things have always been like this, here…”

Sound familiar?
“It’s much easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice.”

Albert Einstein

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