For a more intense Spiritual Aspiration

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For a more intense Spiritual Aspiration…

You can act!

Yes, it is something important and very necessary to the one who understands to achieve spiritual evolution as quickly as possible, as well and as beautifully as possible.

At first glance, the spiritual aspiration seems an objective given and seemingly uninfluenced by our will.
Somehow as it seems and the power to love (for example).
Just as for the power to love there are a series of direct yogic processes that give the opportunity to grow in this direction, and for spiritual aspiration there are postures or other procedures of improving the limited possibilities of the human being.

However, this process, that is, the increase of the spiritual aspiration through conscious actions performed by the person unhappy with his current level, is possible.

The theme is very extensive, by the way, but here we present briefly only

… five effective methods for spiritual aspiration

1. Tapas.
The consistent spiritual practice and realized with an increasing frenzy (possibly including, meditation, prayer, ananta) amplifies the spiritual aspiration, according to an unsuspected principle, at first glance, that it would act here:
lust comes eating…!

2. Reading inspired spiritual texts.
Well, books are exceptional friends in this direction. If we always read texts impregnated with spirituality, it will become impregnated in us as well. Check it yourself, the method is very safe and verified by many others so far.
It is necessary, however, that then, when we feel the impulse to do actions of a spiritual nature, we do not fail by acting unilaterally and to read books endlessly. Reading is not the spiritual path, but the ounce of practice, which makes tons of theory.
So as often as possible and as soon as possible it is necessary to proceed to the realization of point 1.

3. The company of spiritual men.
Attending workshops and conferences, following an authentic spirituality course (e.g. Abheda Yoga courses on soul awakening), attending an entourage of people with spiritual preoccupations will support you a lot in your process of amplifying your spiritual aspiration.
The warning remains standing: without the ounce of practice, however, these actions will remain almost sterile.

4. Prayer, ananta, other devotional techniques
According to the principle “
Man proposes and God disposes
We can ask of God or any divine model or associated aspect exactly what we want – in this case, to have very great spiritual aspiration.
Then follows the stage “God disposes…”.

5. The offering of light,
carefully realized and correctly consecrated in the desired direction.

We wish you success!


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