How do you live when you lose someone you love?

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How do you live when you lose someone you love?

Almost regardless of a man’s level of consciousness, when a loved one leaves the physical plane going to his existence in the astral planes (the so-called death) or when … just leave the physical space where your loved one could be met (when desired)… well, that man is sorry because of the breakup.

The difference with someone less wise arises in the harshness and nature of this evil opinion.

People usually cry at funerals of their own mercy – because they think it’s going to be very difficult for them without the person who can’t be met here anymore.

Very rarely do people cry because they feel pity for the “missing” one. In fact, this is even debatable, because the missing one could do quite well, and even, moreover, even crying full of regrets due to the separation might hurt him in his new existence.

However – what to do if a loved one has left, in one form or another?

Well, we can do everything we can to help this person. By esoteric methods, if we know them. The offering of light, the Art of Grace or the transmission of information from the Tibetan Book of Death can help.

But we… how can we help ourselves?

Well, the solution clearly indicated by the revelations of the Way of the Heart is to relate to what is truly valuable and unpredictable, and in relation to love for someone seemingly extinct – amazing, but it can still exist or even amplify.

How so, would anyone say, man “dies” and we love him more and more intensely than we did in our lifetime?
Yes, resolutely Yes.
Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the love that we can understand or taste can only exist in our hearts. We do not necessarily need an external circumstance, such as the presence of someone, to love. We can love anytime and anywhere and whoever has known this will practically give us justice.

In addition, any form of suffering comes only from attachment,

which on the Way of the Heart we aim to transcend or, at least, not to consciously cultivate.

The infallible method is to remember the true values of existence, which are immutable.
Let us remember the existence of our own Self, which is indestructible and which cannot perish, even if we insisted on verifying it.

To be is an eternal experience and fleeting are the various veils that obstruct the impossible-to-describe miracle in words of the pure state of “being”.

“To be or not to be, that’s the question!”

Leo Răduț
AdAnima Academic Society

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