Full Moon in Gemini 19 December 2021

Full Moon in Gemini – December 19, 06:36 – Romania time

The full moon moment on Sunday, December 19, 2021, at 06:36 is formed on the Axis Gemini – Sagittarius, at the degree 27’29. Activates houses I – VII, houses that talk about the relationship I versus the other,affirmation, own initiative, personal and social relationships.
The ascendant of the moment is in the sign of Sagittarius, amplifying freedom and optimism.

As Twins govern the shoulders, arms, hands and partially the activity of the lungs, from a medical point of view everything you do in the 2 – 3 days of the Moon in Gemini, respectively from Thursday, December 16, at 22:30, until Sunday, December 19, at 11.30 for the regions mentioned above has a positive, preventive and healing effect with exception of surgical operations in this area. Those who suffer from rheumatism can sometimes encounter difficulties on the days of the moon in Gemini, and since the lungs are also partially influenced, breathing exercises can be very beneficial now.

that is, from Saturday, December 18 at 12:36 to Monday, December 21 at 00:36!
This period of influence represents the tolerance of ± 8 degrees of the aspect of opposition between the Sun and the Moon.

What is good to avoid during this period:

It is unwise to make love during the period of evil influence of the Full Moon!
During the amorous act, due to the deep auric fusion and dilation between the two lovers, there is a very great possibility to take, unconsciously, the negative vibrations existing in the environment.

It has been found that those couples who do not comply with this prohibition, face more often with awkward problems and tensions, who often have no motivation, that is, exacerbate the manifestation of jealousy, possessive tendencies, claims and sometimes states of verbal, mental or even physical violence.

Tripura Sundari – Friday, 17 December 2021

48 hours before the astral moment of the Full Moon, the day of Tripura Sundari takes place. A particularly special day, when the influence of this energy is extremely beneficial on our planet.
This month, the day of Tripura Sundari takes place on the date of
17 December, with the maximum moment at 06:36. Ozi privileged, being called the day of beauty and universal harmony (Tripura Sundari symbolizing the Great Divine Power of beauty, harmony and divine love).

It is the day when we can temper our selfish starts and ambitions by becoming aware of our true aspirations, being a day that deserves to devote to love, art, beauty, actions full of dedication.
For those who are in a couple relationship it is a privileged moment in which they can carry out the secret maithuna process.

We must keep in mind that the influence of the Moon manifests itself primarily on the fluids in the body, respectively on the psyche. It is precisely for this reason that lunar symbolism is related to the subconscious, to the water, to the sensitivity, the responsiveness, the adaptability, the instinct. Surgical operations are not indicated during this period and there is an increased risk of bleeding!

Research undertaken during the Full Moon period has shown that most people tend towards instinctual behavior, which drastically affects decision-making power, discernment. This is also one of the reasons why it is not recommended to make decisions on the Full Moon, because they can be either hasty, or the result of the influence of the environment and the various people with whom we interfere, respectively of the latest events that have impressed us (and are still on the “surface” in our subconscious).

Specific astrological aspects:


Sunday, December 19, at 06:36, Romania time

marks the perfect opposition between the Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius at the degree 27’29 having as purpose the discovery of the balance between curiosity and the need for communication of Gemini and the need for superior understanding typical of Sagittarius.

This Full Moon in Gemini was a culmination of events, plans and projects started during the Annular Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th.

Metaphorically, at any time of the Full Moon we reap what we have sown!

The relational axis I – VII is an axis that hosts this moment of full moon, it is the axis on which the relationship between I and the OTHER is built. Indicates personal needs and desires versus the needs and desires of those with whom we enter into partnerships, regardless of their nature. On a deeper level, we need to understand that the Other is but a mirror of our being and that his presence in our lives is conditioned by the resonance we have with that person.

Every time this axis I- VII is involved it is good to keep in mind that there follows a period in which we are confronted with those parts of us, pleasant or unpleasant projected in those in front of us. “Confrontation” is the instrument by which God helps us to see ourselves better and implicitly to gain balance and inner harmony. The path of present evolution lies in growth and development through relationships.

The moon is associated with those inner, subconscious impulsesthat urge us to adopt one attitude or another, with the psyche and imagination, with the intimate experiences, with the emotions and the inner states. It imprints the way we receive the world, indicating our need for security.

The presence of the Moon in Gemini in house VII it externalizes us. It places special emphasis on our relationships, on their diversity and their role in our lives. It amplifies the need for communication, for interrelationship, it amplifies to the maximum our curiosity and the need to extend the purpose of human experiences through many types of contacts.
We can relate to this house VII as a set of lenses through which we see others, both those with whom we are in marriage relationships and with those with whom we are in relationships of association or professional partnership. It also governs laws and contracts and can indicate the nature of our relationship with the public.

Taking into account that the Moon (emotional energy, subconscious) is in the VII house and in the sign of Gemini,

we combine the verb characteristic of this air sign, mutable of Gemini, respectively “TO INFORM OURSELVES” with the verb characteristic of house VII, respectively “TO BALANCE”.

Our well-being on an emotional level may depend on someone’s presence in our lives, to unite, to associate, to collaborate, to communicate, to assimilate information can become an imperative need during this period. The “other” in our lives becomes important to us. His desires and needs matter. We seek to communicate more, to share our feelings, to know him better and to enjoy as much as possible in his presence. At the same time, this “other” can take the form of a need amplified by more visibility or interaction on the social level, social networks, networking, a greater need for socialization and information.

If adaptability, intelligence, oratorical or writerly talent, inventiveness and ease of communication are part of gemini’s qualities, duality, tendency to gossip, indecision, lack of concentration or patience to complete are part of the negative features of this sign.

The presence of the Sun in Sagittarius (our personality, the conscious) in the first house seeks to balance the need for the “other”, focusing on the manifestation of his own personality, needs, desires, amplifying assertiveness and self-affirmation, being in a permanent adventure of self-discovery. We combine the verb characteristic of Sagittarius “TO UNDERSTAND” with the verb characteristic of the first house, respectively “TO BE”. In order to feel fulfilled through who we are we need a deeper understanding of things, but especially of the role and purpose of certain relationships in our lives.

The purpose of the Sun in Sagittarius is access to the Divine plane, and the key tools for achieving the goal are exploration, freedom, optimism, wisdom, adventure, honesty. We need to better shape our personality by making full use of these tools. It is good to believe in our principles, values and ideals and to apply them as correctly and healthy as possible in our relationships.
The less pleasant side of Sagittarius is arrogance, the unbridled thirst for adventure, the belief of owning absolute truth and imposing it on others, religious fanaticism.

Any moment of the Full Moon reveals what
doesn’t work.
Now all those relationships or partnerships (marriages, professional relationships, associations, processes, student-teacher relationships) that do not serve a purpose of personal growth and development have the chance to be evaluated and corrected. All ideas, concepts, mental beliefs, ideologies or perspectives on life, both moral, philosophical, spiritual, which have not proved beneficial or which have kept us prisoners of an abstract, philosophical universe without the power of concretization, will be clarified.

The qualities or personal flaws that we have projected on the one next to us, either by underestimation or by overestimation, idealizing the other, can reach a point of maximum where we are asked for a choice.

We are asked to mature relationally,no matter how comfortable we are or not, with this maturation and implicitly accountability. We are now confronted with what we have sown, with the consequences of a certain way of interacting and relating to the one next to us, with the results of a truth in which we believed and guided ourselves, with a style of communication that we approach. Considering the fact that the governor of this Full Moon in Gemini is Mercury that is in Capricorn, we will not give in to the sides of evaluating these things as detached and objective as possible, even using a pragmatic, concrete, methodical approach and without much sentimentalism.

A Full Moon in Gemini will bring many awareness about the power of the word,but a power built on truth, honesty and simplicity. A trip with a partner, a friendly conversation, a course we attend, a book, a message or news from someone in the close entourage, a new person who appears in our lives, can turn into favorable occasions and revealing moments.

What helps us?

  • Both physical and energetic exercises,
  • pranayama exercises (Gemini influences the lungs),
  • asanas that amplify the state of balance and harmony,
  • working with positive statements and suggestions, as the force of the word is amplified,
  • energetic practice that balances and harmonizes Vishuda and Ajna Chakra,
  • working with the Great Divine Power of the Divine Logos, Matangi
  • but also any kind of meditation with the present moment or with the state of being.

Let’s say those prayers that are closest to our soul, because those are the most authentic.

Jupiter in Aquarius in the third house supports this Full Moon in Gemini.
On the social level, Jupiter brings chances and opportunities through a totally unconventional but humanitarian thinking, directed towards a collective good. They arise through optimism and generosity, fraternization, by contributing to all kinds of causes or humanitarian groups, by contact with special people who have a certain knowledge, a teacher, a guide, a priest, a master.

On a personal level, Jupiter favors mental and spiritual openness, travels, the desire to meet new people, the study of frontier areas, ideas,thoughts or solutions that we can put into practice to change old thoughts and mentalities, bringing on the one hand understanding and healing but also a new integrative and positive vision of our lives.

Regardless of the context of each one, whether of a relational or professional nature, the key lies in simplicity and acceptance,in using our mind (Gemini) as an extremely precious resource in the service of our own evolution, professional, relational, spiritual, being aware that this evolution happens through collaboration, cooperation and interaction. (house VII)

From a spiritual perspective, The “higher truth” that we each seek will be revealed to the one who believes, to the one with a pure heart and a good thought, the one capable of recognizing his mistakes or limits and is willing to change, the one aware that true Knowledge belongs to God and that all we can do is become channels as clean as possible for the manifestation of this knowledge on Earth.

Virginia Olteanu – Astrologer Abheda Yoga Academy

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