Indigo and Crystal Children – a new human race?

crystal copiesThere is quite a lot of talk lately about the Indigo/Cristal phenomenon, namely that it represents the next step in our evolution as a human species.

We all have the chance to become similar to Indigo or Crystal children. They are here to show us the way so that information can find its application in all of us in general, as we make the transition to the next stand of our spiritual development and evolution.

It turns out that these Indigo children have been incarnating on Earth for about 100 years now. After the Second Mandial War they were born in significant numbers, and these are the Indigo adults of today. However, in the ’70s, a large wave of Indigo children was born, so now we have a whole generation of Indigo people who are now around the age of 30 and who are about to take their places as leaders around the world. Indigo children continued to be born until around the year 2000, with increasing abilities and sophisticated degrees of creativity and technology.

Since 2000 a new series of children with special abilities began to be born on Earth, these are Crystal Children. These are extremely strong children, whose main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution, and to reveal to us our inner power and divinity. They function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, living through the “Law of One” or the Consciousness of One. They are a powerful force for love and peace on this planet.

The following excerpt describes the difference between Indigo and Crystal Children. This excerpt is from Doreen Virtue’s article, The Indigo and Crystal Children.
Crystal Kids 2,,The first thing most people notice in Crystal Children are their eyes, big, penetrating and intelligent over their age. Their eyes hold your eyes and hypnotize you, while you realize that your soul is unveiled so that your child can see it. You’ve probably noticed this new “tribe” of children rapidly populating our planet. They are cheerful, delightful and forgiving. This generation of new light workers, about the ages of 0 to 7, are like no other generation. Ideal in many respects, they are the indicators for the direction in which humanity is heading… and it’s a good direction!
Older children (approximately between 7 and 25 years old), called “Indigo Children”, share certain characteristics with Crystal Children. Both generations are very sensitive and mediumnic, and have important goals in life. The main difference is their temperament. The Indigos have a warrior spirit because their collective goal is to crush the old systems that are no longer useful to us. They are here to undo government, educational and legal systems that lack integrity. To achieve this goal, they need temper and burning determination.
Those adults who resist change and who value conformism may misunderstand the Indigo. They are often mislabeled with psychiatric diagnoses such as Hyperactive Attention Deficit Syndrome (SADH) or Attention Deficit Syndrome (SAD). Unfortunately, when they are under medication, Indigo people often lose their beautiful sensitivity, spiritual gifts and fighter energy… In comparison, Crystal Children are blessed and temperamentally balanced. Sure, they too may occasionally have bouts of anger, but these kids are very forgiving and enjoyable. Crystalline lenses are the generation that benefits from the valvataia spread by the Indigo. First, the Indigo Children drove with the sword, cutting anything that lacked integrity. Then the Crystal Children stepped on the clean path, in a more protected and much safer world.
telepathyThe terms “Indigo” and “Cristal” were given to these two generations because they describe with the utmost accuracy the colors of their aura and the energy patterns. Indigo children have a multitude of blue-indigo in their aura. This is the color of the “third eye chakra”, which represents the energy center in the brain located between the two eyebrows. This chakra regulates clairvoyance, or the ability to see energy, visions and spirits. Many of the Indigo children are clairvoyants.
Crystal children have opalescent auras, with multiple wonderful colors in pastel tones. This generation also shows a fascination for crystals and stones …
Indigo children may feel dishonesty, just as a puppy may feel fear. Indigo people know when they are being lied to, taken over or manipulated. And since their collective goal is to place us in a new world of integrity, the inner detectors of lies of the Indigo are integral. As mentioned earlier, this warrior spirit is threatening to some adults. Thus, Indigo people are not able to comply with dysfunctional situations at home, at work or at school. They don’t have the ability to dissociate themselves from their feelings and pretend that it’s all O.K. … only if they are under medication or sedated.
Dthe innate spiritual acres of the Crystal Children are also misunderstood. Specifically, their telepathic abilities that cause them to start talking later.
In the new world that Indigo people are ushering in, we will all be more aware of our intuitive thoughts and feelings. We will no longer rely so much on the word written or spoken. Communication will be faster, more direct, and more honest, because it will be from mind to mind. Already, an increasing number of us are coming into contact with our mental abilities. Our interest in the paranormal is always high, accompanied by books, tv shows and movies on the subject.
Crystal copies 1
So, it’s not

surprising that the generation that follows the Indigo one is incredible is telepa.
tica. Many of the Crystal Children have postponed their speech patterns and it is not uncommon for them to wait until 3 or 4 years to start speaking. But my parents tell me that you have no problem in communicating with copiumthey’re silent. Far from it! Parents engage in a mind-to-mind communication with their Crystal Children. And they use a combination of telepathy, sign language of their own created and sounds (including the song) to express themselves.

The problem arises when crystalline lenses are labeled by medical and educational staff as having “abnormal” speech patterns. It is no coincidence that as more and more Crystalline Lenses are born, the number of diagnoses of autism is increasing. It is true that Crystal Children are different from other generations. But why do we have to pathologize these differences? If children communicate successfully at home, parents also do not declare any problem … then why try to create a problem? The diagnostic criterion for autism is quite clear. He shows that an autistic person lives in his own world, and is disconnected from other people. The autistic person does not speak because of an indifference to communication with others.

indigoCrystal Children are quite the opposite. They are among the most connected, communicative, loving and flattering of any generation. They are also quite endowed with philosophical and spiritual gifts. In addition, they show an unprecedented level of kindness and sensitivity to this world. Crystal children spontaneously embrace and are caring with people when needed. An autistic person wouldn’t do that!
In my book ” and Feeding the Inidgo Children”, I wrote that SADH should mean Attention Formed in a Higher Dimension. It would describe this generation more accurately. In the same tone, Crystal Children do not justify a label of autism. They are not autistic! They are ADMIR-tistici!
These children are worthy of admiration, not labeled with dysfunction. If someone is dysfunctional, those are the systems that do not adapt to the continuous evolution of the human species. If we demean children with labels, or medicate them for submission, we will undermine a gift sent from heaven. We will crush a civilization before it has time to take root. Fortunately, there are many positive and alternative solutions. And the same heaven that sent us the Crystal Children can assist those of us who are the children’s advocates…”

The fact is that these children who are born in increasing numbers and who have extrasensory, telepathic and clairvoyant abilities, have a very high IQ, are very talented and extremely sensitive, must be educated and trained in a certain spirit, in special schools, where they can dezovlta and practice their skills. They represent the future of mankind and that is why we must pay special attention to them!




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