International Volunteer Day – 5 December

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“To be able, to have to and to do the Good is, in fact,
a privilege of our existence.”

Leo Radutz

Today, December 5th we celebrate the nature of doing good and love manifested by disinterested actions,which in yoga is deepened in the lessons about Karma Yoga – yoga action.

And for us in Abheda, this day has a special significance, because we are happy to relate to our mission…🙂
“Let us acquire the mastery of doing good!”

In fact, volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean doing something we don’t get paid for.

Of course, especially probono actions are voluntary, but the concept of Karma Yoga is fascinating and goes much further, can generate a fundamental meaning for anyone’s life.

Even if we are employed and have a salary or even if we receive a reward (from the perspective of the givers) for the work done,
it is fundamental to do everything with the inner attitude that what we have received (if we have received) is not a consideration of what we have given but another gift that life, through someone, has given us.

On this day we can relate with admiration, gratitude and even love to those who give time, energy, compassion, talent and various skills, to do the Good, without expecting anything in return.

The celebration was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985 to highlight the important contribution of voluntary actions in the development of society, but also to provide examples to follow in this regard.

This day is an opportunity for organisations carrying out voluntary activities as well as for volunteers to celebrate their year-long efforts, to share with others the values they value and to promote their work within communities, non-governmental organisations, UN agencies, government authorities or the private sector.

United Nations

Why volunteering?

Because living life having a clear, authentic meaning and doing Good for Us and Good for Others is a privilege.

Looking at how society has come, we could say about volunteers that they are a different species of people, but still, volunteering is within our reach, all of us. Our world badly needs good-doers.

Volunteering fulfills our souls and helps us acquire or amplify exceptional human virtues,such as generosity, compassion, enthusiasm, responsibility or initiative. In addition, volunteerers confess that it has helped them get to know themselves better.

Voluntary attitude can also be applied in everyday life

When we volunteer, it is important to be detached from our work and its results. Even if we are not remunerated for our effort, to be truly voluntary, it is important not to expect praise, thanks from those helped or any other kind of “payment”.
However, there are situations where we may be offered various for the work we have done. In this case, we can accept those offerings if we can refer to them as a non-binding gift, optional, not as a consideration of our effort.

We can appropriate this attitude and use it even in the way we relate to going to work– for which we are paid. That is, to refer to the money earned with detachment, not as an exchange.

And only the one who knows how to turn the voice of the wind into a song that is even more comforting because of his love.
Work is love brought to light.
And if you can’t work with love but with disgust, then you’d better leave your work and sit at the temple gate to receive alms from those who gladly work.

“The Prophet” – about work, khalil gibran

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